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Facing Contemporary Challenges in Librarianship

By: , Posted on: May 1, 2017

elsevier learning trends series

This digital volume is available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats and contains excerpts from our popular Chandos Library Information Sciences list.

Download the Facing Contemporary Challenges in Librarianship ePub

If you like the excerpted content in this free digital edition, the full titles are available for purchase via the Elsevier Store, or view them online now if your institution has purchased via ScienceDirect.  View other available resources in the Library Learning Trends Series.

facing contemporary challenges in librarianship

Table of Contents

1. Marketing a Profession: Marketing the Future
Excerpt from Marketing the 21st Century Library, by Debra Lucas-Alfieri
Buy Now View on ScienceDirect

2. Preparedness
Excerpt from Disaster Planning for Libraries, by Guy Robertson
Buy Now View on ScienceDirect

3. E-books and the Future of Technical Services
Excerpt from Electronic Resource Management, by Anne C. Elguindi and Kari Schmidt
Buy Now View on ScienceDirect

4. A Culture of Technology
Excerpt from The Patron-Driven Library, by Dee Ann Allison
Buy Now View on ScienceDirect

5. Library 3.0 Librarianship
Excerpt from Library 3.0, by Tom Kwanya, Christine Stilwell and Peter G. Underwood
Buy Now View on ScienceDirect

6. Collection Budgets
Excerpt from Making a Collection Count, by Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly
Buy Now View on ScienceDirect

7. The Role of the Information Professional in Competitive Intelligence
Excerpt from Competitive Intelligence for Information Professionals, by Margareta Nelke and Charlotte Håkansson
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8. The Problem for Libraries in the Twenty-First Century: The Need to Accept a Paradigm Shift
Excerpt from After the Book: Information Services for the 21st Century, by George Stachokas
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Social Sciences

The general scope of social sciences is vast, and Elsevier’s collection of journals, books, and eBooks examine in detail a wide range of topics in this area, from sociology, law, and cognitive science to political science, education, and linguistics. Our Chandos imprint in particular, known for high-quality scholarship in Asian studies, library and information science, and business management, reflects Elsevier’s continuing commitment to these crucial areas of study.

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