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Announcing Elsevier’s New Transportation Book Program

By: , Posted on: October 31, 2016

Elsevier’s long-time commitment to deliver first class information to educators, researchers, and students worldwide has been expanded to include a Transportation Book Program within its Social Sciences collection. This new portfolio complements our world-class journal program, and we are proud to play an integral part within the academic community and to participate in the advancement of this field.

Elsevier’s Transportation Book Program educates current and future transportation professionals, stimulating interdisciplinary research on key social, economic, behavioral, political, technological, and environmental trends, laying the foundation for innovative transportation solutions. Our books explore the major trends shaping our changing transportation system and the implications of these trends for each mode of transport.

Our books are research-driven, applied, career-building reference books that address current and future transportation challenges, intended for researchers, advanced students, practitioners, and public officials.

About the Editors:

brian-romerBrian Romer has been a Senior Acquisitions Editor with Elsevier for four years, and has been publishing books for almost 30 years. He has had the pleasure of working with leading thinkers around the globe on a wide variety of subjects, helping them turn their ideas into reality and advance the discourse on the many important issues we face. He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and two children, and can be reached at

tom-stoverTom Stover has worked in publishing for more than 16 years, with prior stints in public relations and journalism. He brings abundant energy to the field of transportation, and enjoys working with equally passionate authors who desire to share their life’s work and knowledge with the transportation community. Tom resides in Wilton, NY, where he enjoys camping with his family, golf, and everything Upstate NY has to offer.

Forthcoming Books in Transportation

data analytics for intelligent transportation systems

Data Analytics for Intelligent Transportation Systems – This book is scheduled to publish in May, 2017, and provides in-depth coverage of data-enabled methods for analyzing intelligent transportation systems that includes detailed coverage of the tools needed to implement these methods using big data analytics and other computing techniques. This book is available for pre-order here.

Other books include:

  • Port Cybersecurity – August 2017
  • Sustainable Mass Transit – August 2017
  • Capacities, Capacity Constraints and Capacity Reserves of Airports, Today and in the Future – August 2017
  • Vulnerability Analysis for Transportation Networks – September 2017
  •  Liner Ship Fleet Planning – September 2017
  • Metropolitan Transportation Planning – September 2017
  • The Psychology of the Car: Automobility and Low-Carbon Transport Futures – October 2017
  • CityMobil2: Four Years of Demonstrating Automated Road Transport Systems – October 2017
  • Modeling Transportation Demand – October 2017

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