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Elsevier Announces 2018 TAA Award Wins

By: , Posted on: April 17, 2018

Elsevier, for the second year in a row, has four textbooks recognized by the TAA Awards.  This year the winning titles are being recognized for their excellence in two categories.

The Textbook Excellence Award, affectionately known as the “Texty,” celebrates textbooks currently in classroom use for their excellence in four areas: pedagogy, content and scholarship, writing, and appearance and design. TAA awarded three Elsevier textbooks with a 2018 Texty: Materials Selection in Mechanical Design by Michael Ashby, Organic Synthesis, Fourth Edition by Michael Smith, and Quantitative Human Physiology: An Introduction, Second Edition by Joseph Feher.

While these textbooks are far apart in terms of scientific discipline, they all share a commitment to scientific progress, learning, and discovery transmitted through clear, cogent writing and effective design. Each of these winning textbooks is currently being used in classrooms, helping to train the next generation of scientific thinkers.

The fourth winning Elsevier title which received a 2018 TAA Most Promising New Textbook award is the book Human Biochemistry by Gerald Litwack.  This first edition textbook was recognized for its merits in pedagogy, content and scholarship, writing, and appearance and design. Human Biochemistry covers the most current research in medical biochemistry, making it a stellar resource for current graduate students in the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and related professions.

You can read Chapter 1: Organ Systems and Tissues for a limited time on ScienceDirect.

All of the Elsevier award winners are available to buy now on Enter STC318 at the checkout for up to 30% discount!

You can view the full list of 2018 TAA award winners at the TAA blog, Abstract.

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