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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Court Videos Available Free Online

By: , Posted on: November 12, 2013

American Criminal Courts, 1st Edition,Casey Welch,John Fuller,ISBN9781455725991This year John Fuller and I recorded and released 15 videos on U.S. criminal courts.  Each video offers both a summary of some aspect of the criminal courts and a relevant controversial issue.  The fourth video, for instance, gives an overview of criminal law and the controversies surrounding police searches, evidence, and suppression of evidence.  The eleventh video provides a concise description of the appeal process, but then explores a debate around the core function of appeals:  should appellate courts work to stop injustices, or should they merely assure that the trial followed proper procedures?

These videos address several other issues that are prominent right now in the country, such as:

  • The influence of social movements on the criminal courts, as we saw in the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case, and as is currently unfolding in Missouri with the Justice for Daisy grassroots movement regarding the alleged rape, dismissal of charges, and now the re-opening of the criminal case
  • Election of judges, prosecutors, and public defenders, which opens officers of the court to corruption and conflicts of interests, and compels them to pander to the most vocal and influential constituents
  • The influence of Christian principles and religious leaders on the criminal court system

Each video corresponds with a chapter in our book, American Criminal Courts: Legal Process and Social Context.  These help readers of the book get a preview and review of each chapter.  But we’ve also made the videos stand-alone resources for anyone interested in learning more about the criminal courts, and working with the publisher, Elsevier, we’ve provided them free through YouTube.  (The videos were filmed and produced by Mark Huelsbeck, a Communications professor at Flagler College, with assistance from Chris Renaud.  The music at the intro of each one is from Laurel Lee and the Escapees’ album, Showdown.)

American Criminal Courts YouTube

To compliment both the text and free videos, I will post blogs that untangle and clarify some of the complicated issues surrounding American criminal courts.

Criminal courts are at the center of our criminal justice system, and therefore are one of the most far-reaching and graphic forms of government social control.  Citizens of a democracy will be well served to learn as much a possible about this part of civil governance.  We hope these videos and blog posts serve that pursuit.

To watch these videos, visit the SciTech Connect YouTube page, or visit the following links individually. 

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice - SciTech ConnectA highly evolved and complex criminal justice system makes enormous demands of the people who work in it. Professionals in law and criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, criminology, homeland security, crisis and emergency management, physical and computer security, and forensics all need up-to-date information in these constantly changing fields. Elsevier delivers this vital information to students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners through our industry-leading imprints: Anderson Publishing, Butterworth-Heinemann, Academic Press and Syngress.