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The Timesaver Researchers Have Been Looking For: Elsevier Book Series

By: , Posted on: September 22, 2016

Researchers today are faced with an ever increasing number of academic publications to read. It’s an almost impossible task to keep up to date with all of the high-quality research being published each week, but crucial to stay ahead of the curve to keep their own research relevant. Elsevier’s series and handbooks seek to fulfill this need by publishing in-depth review papers on hot topics in key areas of research.

Challenges Book Series Solve



Elsevier’s book series offer a unique and important service to researchers by consolidating the latest advances in their field. They provide in-depth reviews on hot topics and important research areas as well as the latest research into methods and protocols.

 More state-of-the-art than a book, and more comprehensive than a journal.

Edited by top experts chosen for their stature, series present a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of research and build upon it over time.

Offering authoritative reviews and methods, book series help researchers keep their work on track and relevant. Series also add vital historical context and a fresh perspective on research trends. Frequently consulted, they play a key role in defining the direction (or often redirection) of research.

Learn how series can solve the challenges that researchers and students face in the whitepaper The Timesaver Researchers Have Been Looking For: Elsevier Series.


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