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Chemistry Learning Trends Series

By: , Posted on: July 1, 2015


Elsevier Science & Technology Books is providing this series of free digital volumes to support and encourage learning and development across the sciences. Each title includes content excerpts focused on a central theme to give the reader an introduction to new ideas and information on that topic.

This volume in Chemistry Learning Trends introduces readers to a key chapter from the 4th edition of Camille Wermuth’s Practice of Medicinal Chemistry and highlights the interdisciplinary nature of medicinal chemistry. The succeeding articles, from the ScienceDirect Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering, will introduce readers to important themes and valuable methods raised in this chapter.

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Download the latest volume in Elsevier’s Chemistry Learning Trends Series

An introduction to Key Concepts Medicinal Chemistry This digital volume is available in PDF format, and contains articles from the Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering.

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Table of Contents

20150489_A_Chemistry_epub Cover_030-302_R2 (3)

1) The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry 4th Edition – Chapter 3 Drug Targets, Target Identification, Validation and Screening by Walter MM Van den Broeck
2) Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Timmerman
3) Perspectives in Drug Discovery by W.T. Comer
4) LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY | Affinity Chromatography by D.S. Hage
5) Microarrays by D. Amaratunga H. Göhlmann & P.J. Peeters
6) Systems Biology by L. Coulier, S. Wopereis, C. Rubingh, H. Hendriks, M. Radonjić & R.H. Jellema
7) Comparative Modeling of Drug Target Proteins by B. Webb, N. Eswar, H. Fan, N. Khuri, U. Pieper, G.Q. Dong & A. Sali

If you like the excerpted content in this free digital edition, The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry 4th Edition is available for purchase via the Elsevier Store, and can be viewed online via ScienceDirect if your institution has purchased access.

All other articles available in this eBook are unique to the ScienceDirect Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering; many have even been updated from original chapters found in Major Reference Works. Making these resources the most up-to-date content available on the covered themes and methods.

View the full Reference Module via ScienceDirect. Individual articles are available to purchase without institutional access.

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