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Securing Funding: Kickstarter for Scientists

Ever heard of the site called “Kickstarter”? Well if you are an inventor, performer, or a writer and... Read more


Securing Funding: How Do I Get a Grant?

We understand. Most of you [researchers] would prefer not to go through the process of securing funding. There... Read more


Opposites Attract: Critics Make the Best Research Partners

We often hear the term “opposites attract” as a signal of the start of a great romantic partnership.... Read more


There is no “I” in Research: The Reason for Collaboration

Scientific research is always better with collaboration. The days in which scientists individually sit in a laboratory conducting... Read more


3 Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Research Topic

In this blog, we discuss 3 areas of focus that are important for researchers to consider when selecting their research... Read more


Getting Started: How to Choose a Topic

Before we start diving into grant writing, getting organized, or even building a team, selecting a topic can... Read more

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