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The general scope of social sciences is vast, and Elsevier’s collection of journals, books, and eBooks examine in detail a wide range of topics in this area, from sociology, law, and cognitive science to political science, education, and linguistics. Our Chandos imprint in particular, known for high-quality scholarship in Asian studies, library and information science, and business management, reflects Elsevier’s continuing commitment to these crucial areas of study.

Psychology; Social Sciences

The Psychology of the Car

Perhaps a book on the “psychology of the car” demands a positioning of the author. As probably most... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

Henry David Thoreau’s Views of 19th-Century Media Resonate Today

The world knows Henry David Thoreau as a writer whose perspectives on nature and society remain relevant today.... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

Why the creators of ‘13 Reasons Why’ Should Pay Attention to the Spike in Suicide-Related Google Searches

Does it matter that people seem to have become more interested in suicide – expressing more suicidal thoughts,... Read more

Social Sciences

The Missing Elements in the Debate About Affirmative Action and Asian-American Students

Media reports have stated that the Justice Department under President Donald Trump is planning to investigate a complaint of... Read more

Social Sciences

Rural America: Where Sam Shepard’s Roots Ran Deepest

When Sam Shepard died on July 27 the world lost one of the greatest playwrights of the past half-century. He... Read more

Social Sciences

The Library of Congress Opened Its Catalogs to the World. Here’s Why It Matters

Imagine you wanted to find books or journal articles on a particular subject. Or find manuscripts by a... Read more

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Alternative & Renewable Energy; Social Sciences

How Electric Vehicles Could Take a Bite Out Of The Oil Market

When will cars powered by gas-guzzling internal combustion engines become obsolete? Not as soon as it seems, even... Read more

Social Sciences

Emergency Management Training for Your Library: The Joys of Tabletopping

Through emergency management training programs that include tabletop exercises, libraries are preparing their employees to survive the worst,... Read more

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