Social Sciences

The general scope of social sciences is vast, and Elsevier’s collection of journals, books, and eBooks examine in detail a wide range of topics in this area, from sociology, law, and cognitive science to political science, education, and linguistics. Our Chandos imprint in particular, known for high-quality scholarship in Asian studies, library and information science, and business management, reflects Elsevier’s continuing commitment to these crucial areas of study.

Social Sciences

Do We Need Books?

In the era of internet, of virtual resources, of distance learning, of twitter and facebook, do we really... Read more

Social Sciences

How Disaster Relief Efforts Could Be Improved with Game Theory

The number of disasters has doubled globally since the 1980s, with the damage and losses estimated at an... Read more

Social Sciences

School Bus Routes Are Expensive and Hard to Plan. We Calculated a Better Way

Here’s a math problem even the brightest school districts struggle to solve: getting hordes of elementary, middle and... Read more

Social Sciences

Twin Spouses and Unrelated Look-Alikes

Strange things happen when twins do what anyone else does—get married and have children! When identical twins marry... Read more

Social Sciences

The Gifted and the Talented – The Joys and Perils of Training Talent

Identifying and training talent are key ingredients in promoting and ensuring the advancement of all fields that rely... Read more

Social Sciences

Burnout, Fatigue, and Overuse in Performing Artists

Feeling burned out. Too tired to push forward. Can’t shake the exhaustion. Don’t care anymore. These are thoughts... Read more

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Social Sciences

The ‘Right to Disconnect from Technology’ – The Law that Allows You to Switch Off From Work When at Home

As of January it is French law that employees have the ‘right to disconnect from technology.’ This includes all... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

Does a Person Have to Be Intelligent to Be Creative?

The question brings us back to the main problem identified in our previous blog on creativity, namely how... Read more

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