Social Sciences

The general scope of social sciences is vast, and Elsevier’s collection of journals, books, and eBooks examine in detail a wide range of topics in this area, from sociology, law, and cognitive science to political science, education, and linguistics. Our Chandos imprint in particular, known for high-quality scholarship in Asian studies, library and information science, and business management, reflects Elsevier’s continuing commitment to these crucial areas of study.

Social Sciences

Gold, Frankincense and Murder Mysteries: The Wise Bookseller’s Guide to Corporate Gifts

What every image-conscious organization needs to know You’re the manager in charge of corporate gifts at an insurance... Read more

Economics & Finance; Social Sciences

Cash Is Falling Out Of Fashion – Will It Disappear Forever?

On June 27, the ATM turns 50. Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker once described it as... Read more

Social Sciences

Slow Responses and Safety in Semi-Automated Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more popular – they are being developed by car manufacturers and technology companies, and... Read more

Social Sciences

Life at the Cellular Level: Dealing with Wireless Communications in Libraries

Dan told Carmen that the wedding was off. He didn’t feel right about their relationship. He needed space.... Read more

Social Sciences

Tweeting Seductively: Maximizing the Social Influence of Twitter Messages

Most of us are familiar with Twitter. Users post and respond to short messages (tweets) on the platform, conveying news... Read more

Social Sciences

Sustainable Mass Transit

Public train and bus transportation in the U.S has set a great example, since the turn of the... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

How Do You Feel About Mathematics?

Ask yourself and the people around you: how do you feel about mathematics? You will find that the... Read more

Social Sciences

Morning Sickness? Why Not Try Your Bike?

Research reveals obstacles to cycling to work during pregnancy More people than ever are commuting to work by... Read more

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