Researchers and clinicians in psychology work across a vast array of sub-disciplines, including applied psychology, addictions, cognitive psychology, developmental and educational psychology, experimental physiological psychology, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, and behavioral and cognitive therapy. For these professionals, and students as well, cross-disciplinary study is a given. For more than 75 years, Elsevier has cultivated portfolios of psychology books, eBooks, and journals covering current and critical issues in all of these areas. This vital content provides a sound basis of understanding for all those involved in this multi-faceted field.


Why You Shouldn’t Want to Always Be Happy

In the 1990s, a psychologist named Martin Seligman led the positive psychology movement, which placed the study of... Read more


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs when one family member, household member, or intimate harms another. The harm inflicted can be... Read more


Equity and Justice in Developmental Science

At about the time we began working on the preface to these two volumes—Equity and Justice in Developmental... Read more


Etiology of Personality Disorders

This excerpt was taken from the article Forensic Psychiatry and Forensic Psychology: Personality Disorder R. Nathan, Mersey Care... Read more


We Behave A Lot More Badly Than We Remember

In a 1997 U.S. News and World Report survey, 1,000 Americans were asked the following question: “Who do... Read more


Women and People Under the Age of 35 at Greatest Risk of Anxiety

Women are almost twice as likely to experience anxiety as men, according to a review of existing scientific... Read more

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