Plant & Animal Sciences

The science of living things holds a special fascination for human beings, as we strive to understand our place in the seemingly endless array of life on our planet. Research into agricultural and plant science, ecology, animal science and behavior, aquatic and marine science, organismal biology, entomology, and evolution continues to shape both our technology and our fundamental knowledge of ourselves. Elsevier’s foundational and leading-edge content in these areas — including award-winning encyclopedias of fish physiology, animal behavior, and insects — continues to enhance scientific comprehension of the living systems we depend on.

Plant & Animal Sciences

Silent Partners: Are Earthworms Creating Pathways for Invasive Plants?

Small but mighty, earthworms transform the soil of any ecosystem they inhabit. In farm fields, we appreciate the... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Giraffes Are in Trouble – The US Endangered Species Act Can Help

On April 19 of this year, five major wildlife protection groups petitioned the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Saving Javan Rhinos from Extinction Starts with Counting Them – And It’s Not Easy

The Javan rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus) is found only at the very western tip of the Indonesian island of... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

The Lengthy Childhood of Endangered Orangutans Is Written in their Teeth

Orangutan populations in the wild are critically endangered, and one of the things that may hamper their survival is the... Read more

Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Octopuses Can Defy Their Genetic Instructions – And It’s Slowed Down Their Evolution

Are octopuses so clever because they ignore their genetic programming? Research has shown that octopuses and other cephalopods... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Elephants’ ‘Body Awareness’ Adds to Increasing Evidence of Their Intelligence

Asian elephants are able to recognise their bodies as obstacles to success in problem-solving, further strengthening evidence of... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Plant & Animal Sciences

A Phytosanitary Solution

Cutting-edge research underway at the US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service aims to advance irradiation on the... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Armyworms Are Wreaking Havoc in Southern Africa. Why It’s a Big Deal

A combination of native African armyworms and Fall armyworms from the Americas are ravaging staple crops across southern... Read more

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