Plant & Animal Sciences

The science of living things holds a special fascination for human beings, as we strive to understand our place in the seemingly endless array of life on our planet. Research into agricultural and plant science, ecology, animal science and behavior, aquatic and marine science, organismal biology, entomology, and evolution continues to shape both our technology and our fundamental knowledge of ourselves. Elsevier’s foundational and leading-edge content in these areas — including award-winning encyclopedias of fish physiology, animal behavior, and insects — continues to enhance scientific comprehension of the living systems we depend on.

Plant & Animal Sciences

White Shark Populations Are Growing. Here’s Why That’s Good News

When bald eagle populations rebounded, people rejoiced. When alligators came back from the brink of extinction, most of... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Losing Bees Will Sting More than Just Our Taste for Honey

Changing wildlife: this article is part of a series looking at how key species such as bees, insects... Read more

Forensic Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Where is All the Ivory From? Using Forensic Science and Elephant DNA to Stop Poachers

As the largest land mammal, African elephants are keystone species in their environment. We are currently losing up to... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Sense and Sensibility: Mind Like an Elephant

There Used to be Elephants in Africa There used to be elephants in Africa. There were also many... Read more

Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Birds ‘cry hawk’ to give offspring chance to escape predators

Surprising finding shows that thornbills simulate a ‘chorus of alarm’ to distract predators by convincing them something scarier... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Studies on the Pathology of Gorillas

Members of the Africa Middle East (AME) Section of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) may be interested to... Read more

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Food Science & Nutrition; Plant & Animal Sciences

Agriculture, Ethics and Feeding All

Capital, chemical, and energy dependent agriculture as practiced in most of the world’s developed countries has ethical dilemmas.... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Are Bark Beetles Chewing Up Our Forests? What About Our Coffee?

Biologists, ecologists and entomologists have long been fascinated by bark and ambrosia beetles, which are believed to originate... Read more

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