Plant & Animal Sciences

The science of living things holds a special fascination for human beings, as we strive to understand our place in the seemingly endless array of life on our planet. Research into agricultural and plant science, ecology, animal science and behavior, aquatic and marine science, organismal biology, entomology, and evolution continues to shape both our technology and our fundamental knowledge of ourselves. Elsevier’s foundational and leading-edge content in these areas — including award-winning encyclopedias of fish physiology, animal behavior, and insects — continues to enhance scientific comprehension of the living systems we depend on.

Plant & Animal Sciences

A ‘Sixth Sense’ for Humidity Helps Insects Stay Out of Climatic Trouble

The amount of water vapor in the air – humidity – profoundly alters our experience of the environment... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

The Social Science of Saving Snow Leopards

Stretching most of the way across the small Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, the Tien Shan (which translates... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

An Introduction to Coevolution

  No organism is an island. Every living thing contends with predators, parasites, and competitors, and most also... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Can We ‘Vaccinate’ Plants to Boost Their Immunity?

When you pick up the perfect apple in the supermarket it’s easy to forget that plants get sick... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Mysterious Chimpanzee Behavior May Be Evidence of ‘Sacred’ Rituals

I trampled clumsily through the dense undergrowth, attempting in vain to go a full five minutes without getting... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Featuring Freshwater Invertebrates

We are thrilled to announce that Thorp and Covich’s Freshwater Invertebrates: Keys to Nearctic Fauna, 4th Edition, is... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Why It Might Take More Than the Buzz of Bees to Ward Off Elephants

Elephant populations in southern Africa’s national parks have increased dramatically in recent years. As a result of their... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Lizards Camouflage Themselves by Choosing Rocks That Best Match the Color of Their Backs

New research shows wild Aegean wall lizards found on Greek islands choose to sit on rocks that better... Read more

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