Physical Security & Emergency Management

The advent of the 21st century has brought with it a paradigm shift in approaches to physical security worldwide. In security management and homeland security, as well as in emergency management, mandates for securing people and property are constantly multiplying, leading to new organizations and infrastructures at every level, both public and private. These efforts both drive and depend on security techniques and technologies. Elsevier’s robust collection of physical security resources, such as our Butterworth-Heinemann imprint and our collaboration with the Security Executive Council, encompasses topics ranging from aviation security and crisis management to loss prevention and all-hazards risk mitigation.

Physical Security & Emergency Management

See you at ASIS in NYC!

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

New Releases in Physical Security & Emergency Management

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

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