Physical Security & Emergency Management

The advent of the 21st century has brought with it a paradigm shift in approaches to physical security worldwide. In security management and homeland security, as well as in emergency management, mandates for securing people and property are constantly multiplying, leading to new organizations and infrastructures at every level, both public and private. These efforts both drive and depend on security techniques and technologies. Elsevier’s robust collection of physical security resources, such as our Butterworth-Heinemann imprint and our collaboration with the Security Executive Council, encompasses topics ranging from aviation security and crisis management to loss prevention and all-hazards risk mitigation.

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Land Transportation Security

July 7th was the 10th anniversary of the 2005 terrorist bombings of the London mass transit system that... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Business Continuity: Why All the New Terms in ISO 22301?

For many years, business continuity managers had no problem understanding and using terms such as Recovery Time Objective,... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Risk as a Grand Narrative

Academics tend to be attracted to the ‘grand narrative’[1] – a theoretical construct that has broad explanatory power.... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Securing Religious Institutions

  Recent events have highlighted the need for religious institutions to think about security. Although tragic, active shooter... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Gun Free Zones

After every major shooting, there is a discussion about gun control, and inevitably much controversy and scrutiny of... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management; Psychology

Beyond Flight Safety

When watching old movies, it is easy to envy those lucky passengers flying by aeroplane during the golden... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings: A Case Study

As we reach the final stretch of the capital trial of the Boston Marathon bomber, we present this... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Protecting Transportation

I was a member of the 9/11 Commission staff on aviation and transportation security, which was responsible for... Read more

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