Pharmaceutical Sciences

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without the continuing contributions of pharmaceutical science. This notably cross-disciplinary field, encompassing biomedical science, pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, genetics, and more, enables the discovery and development of drugs that millions of people depend on. Elsevier’s journals, books, eBooks and online solutions are used every day by researchers and industry professionals.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Are Drug-Drug Interactions Today’s Biggest Health Threat?

The use of prescription medicines is sharply on the rise. Over the past decade, the number of adults... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Drawbacks of Consumer Genetic Testing – And What Pharma Can Do To Make It Better

Genetic testing has become a big hit with consumers. Companies like and 23andMe flood the airwaves with... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Delicate Balance of Drug Risks vs. Benefits

For many people, taking medication is a regular part of their daily routine, and these medicines are relied... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rare Disease Drug Repurposing Datathon Launching

Would you and your organization like to use your skills and expertise to help defeat rare diseases? On... Read more

Biomedical; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Empowering Clinical Researchers Through Shared Content and Knowledge

Clinical research in the field of global health is an essential component of medical breakthroughs, establishing practices, and... Read more

Biomedical; Pharmaceutical Sciences

A practical guide for daily Clinical Research and Clinical Trial conduct

The Sourcebook for Clinical Research: A Practical Guide for Study Conduct is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for clinical... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Food Science & Nutrition; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sugar In The Diet May Increase Risks Of Opioid Addiction

Could a diet high in refined sugars make children and adults more susceptible to opioid addiction and overdose?... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Science Topics Your Peers Are Researching

Combining cutting-edge technology and essential content, ScienceDirect Topics is a new enhancement that brings the path of discovery... Read more

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