Pharmaceutical Sciences

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without the continuing contributions of pharmaceutical science. This notably cross-disciplinary field, encompassing biomedical science, pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, genetics, and more, enables the discovery and development of drugs that millions of people depend on. Elsevier’s journals, books, eBooks and online solutions are used every day by researchers and industry professionals.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Other Opioid Crisis – People In Poor Countries Can’t Get the Pain Medication They Need

There are two opioid crises in the world today. One is the epidemic of abuse and misuse, present... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Disguised Nanoparticles – A Promising Drug Delivery System

Recent drug discoveries promise new treatments and cures for many diseases. However, getting a drug to work, not... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Can Pharmacists Help Fill the Growing Primary Care Gap?

By 2020 157 million people in the US will be living with at least one chronic health condition.... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Insights from AAPS 2015

This year, the happy city of Orlando, Florida was the host for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Anti-Angiogenic Therapy and Cardiovascular Diseases – Drug Discovery and Development

We are proud to announce a group of new titles from Bentham Science are now available through Elsevier... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

India: The Pharmacy of the World Where ‘Crazy Drug Combinations’ Go Unregulated

India has been called the pharmacy of the world. Many generic drugs are made there and much of... Read more

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Cambridge Researchers and Pharma In Innovative New Consortium to Develop and Study Early Stage Drugs

An innovative new Consortium will act as a ‘match-making’ service between pharmaceutical companies and researchers in Cambridge with... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Despite Research Breakthroughs, Anti-Aging Pill Is Still a Long Way Off

Last month a team of doctors and scientists made the case to regulators at the Food and Drug... Read more

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