Pharmaceutical Sciences

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without the continuing contributions of pharmaceutical science. This notably cross-disciplinary field, encompassing biomedical science, pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, genetics, and more, enables the discovery and development of drugs that millions of people depend on. Elsevier’s journals, books, eBooks and online solutions are used every day by researchers and industry professionals.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Cambridge Researchers and Pharma In Innovative New Consortium to Develop and Study Early Stage Drugs

An innovative new Consortium will act as a ‘match-making’ service between pharmaceutical companies and researchers in Cambridge with... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Despite Research Breakthroughs, Anti-Aging Pill Is Still a Long Way Off

Last month a team of doctors and scientists made the case to regulators at the Food and Drug... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Impacts of Paracetamol

The 16th Edition of Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs will be publishing October 2015. The new edition provides... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences; Psychology

Are Smart Drugs Really So Smart?

Want to sign up for a massive human experiment? Too late. You’re already a lab rat. There was... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Pharmaceutical Sciences

In Defense of Red Meat

Cooked meat is a nutrient dense food made possible by the discovery of fire, and it is argued... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Does Alcohol Have a Cardioprotective Effect?

The positive effect of alcohol consumption on the cardiovascular system is the subject of an ongoing discussion. Even... Read more

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Insights from SOT 2015

We learned many new things during the SOT 2015 conference. A few quotes and fun pictures below share... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hold Your Breath — Drug Testing Just Got More Advanced

Researchers develop first fully validated method of detecting drugs of abuse in exhaled breath When you hear the... Read more

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