Materials Science

The highly interdisciplinary field of materials science examines elements of applied physics and chemistry, as well as chemical, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. Nanoscience and nanotechnology in particular have yielded major innovations in this area, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Elsevier’s authoritative content in this area ranges from undergraduate textbooks to multi-volume reference works investigating the relationships between the structure of materials and their properties. Our journals (including Materials Today), books, and eBooks help researchers stay abreast of developments in this swiftly advancing field, coving major sub-disciplines like energy and power; metals and alloys; ceramics; composite materials; polymer science and biomaterials; interdisciplinary materials science; and structural materials.

Materials Science

Why STEM Subjects and Fashion Design Go Hand in Hand

The fashion industry evokes images of impossibly beautiful people jet setting around the world in extravagant finery. Like... Read more

Materials Science

Upcycling: Using the Magic of Composites to Create Environmental and Social Benefits

Caroline Baillie and Randika Jayasinghe’s new edition Green Composites: Natural and waste-based composites for a sustainable future introduces... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Materials Science

Skin Patches Instead of Needles: Can Nanotechnology Vaccinate the World?

Who likes getting a needle? I know I definitely don’t. Someone else who doesn’t is Mark Kendall from... Read more

Materials Science

Ask an Academic: Mike Ashby

We sit down with Mike Ashby, materials science expert and author of Materials Selection in Mechanical Design in this Q&A... Read more

Materials Science

The Next Frontier in Medical Sensing: Threads Coated in Nanomaterials

Doctors have various ways to assess your health. For example, they measure your heart rate and blood pressure... Read more

Materials Science

Shape-Shifting Materials Could Be Crucial in Tight Spaces – Such as Inside Our Bodies

The rise of 3D printing means it’s now easy to create objects to any design we like from... Read more

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Materials Science

MIT Materials Day

On October 18th the MIT Materials Processing Center led a day-long symposia on “Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage”... Read more

Materials Science

Five Synthetic Materials with the Power to Change the World

We look at 5 synthetic materials that have the power to change the future, at the end of... Read more

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