Life Sciences

The scope of life sciences is as vast as the variety of life on Earth: mathematical biology, developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, parasitology and virology, microbiology and immunology — the list goes on. Elsevier, through its renowned imprints like Academic Press, provides high-quality content in all of these areas that supports learning, teaching, and research. Our books, eBooks, journals, and online tools are cross-disciplinary, allowing academics and professionals to effectively learn about science outside their areas of focus.

Life Sciences

Five Little-Known Diseases to Watch Out for in 2017

The phrase “emerging disease”, to describe an infectious disease that is new to humans or which is suddenly... Read more

Life Sciences

Threat of Novel Swine Flu Viruses in Pigs and Humans

The wide diversity of flu in pigs across multiple continents, mostly introduced from humans, highlights the significant potential... Read more

Life Sciences

Development has Devastated Wildlife in Lands South of Nairobi

The Athi-Kaputiei ecosystem covers about 2,200 square kilometres of Kenya’s Kajiado County, south of Nairobi. It is also... Read more

Life Sciences

Viruses That Can Help Regulate Human Immune System

Viruses, small infectious agents that replicate only inside the living cells of other organisms, have been around for... Read more

Life Sciences

Election Results: Yes for GM Mosquitoes that Will Be Battling Zika Virus

Millions of Zika battling genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes are ready to be released in Florida, US, after the... Read more

Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Does Eating Bamboo Make it Harder for Pandas to Reproduce?

Most people get upset stomachs from time to time. Usually, a few trips to the bathroom or antibiotics... Read more

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Food Science & Nutrition; Life Sciences

Microbes: Our Tiny, Crucial Allies

Most of us considered microbes little more than nasty germs before science recently began turning our view of... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Life Sciences

Unlocking the Secrets of Bacterial Biofilms – To Use Against Them

Standing on a walkway at Yellowstone National Park, I admired the hues of orange, blue and yellow in... Read more

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