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The scope of life sciences is as vast as the variety of life on Earth: mathematical biology, developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, parasitology and virology, microbiology and immunology — the list goes on. Elsevier, through its renowned imprints like Academic Press, provides high-quality content in all of these areas that supports learning, teaching, and research. Our books, eBooks, journals, and online tools are cross-disciplinary, allowing academics and professionals to effectively learn about science outside their areas of focus.

Life Sciences; Neuroscience

Recent Discovery That Shakes Up Basic Assumptions in Neuroimmunology

How Can Our State of Mind Influence Our Body’s Defense System? “You may feel that there is no... Read more

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Career Plan: Choosing Breadth or Depth?

When you prepare your career development plan, how many of your mentors and advisors have counseled you to... Read more

Life Sciences

Study: Humans Causing Sixth Extinction Event on Earth

Vitus Bering, the famous explorer, led perhaps the most ambitious scientific expedition ever in the 1730s. Commanding 10,000... Read more

Life Sciences

Tool Use Is ‘Innate’ in Chimpanzees but Not Bonobos, Their Closest Evolutionary Relative

First evidence for a species difference in the innate predisposition for tool use in our closest evolutionary cousins... Read more

Life Sciences

Modifying Mosquitoes to Stop Transmission of Dengue Fever

Dengue is a virus spread via the Aedes aegypti mosquito that infects as many as 100 million people... Read more

Life Sciences

Crowdsourcing the Serengeti: how citizen scientists classified millions of photos from home

At this very moment in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, more than 200 hidden cameras are snapping photos day... Read more

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Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Birds ‘cry hawk’ to give offspring chance to escape predators

Surprising finding shows that thornbills simulate a ‘chorus of alarm’ to distract predators by convincing them something scarier... Read more

Life Sciences

Luck or DNA – Genetics of the Four-Leaf Clover and the Search for the Elusive Lucky Gene

The clover genome is very complicated and even though many scientists have tried to find the exact genes... Read more

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