Forensic Sciences

Forensic science is a key component of criminal investigation and civil law worldwide. This broad-based field ranges over topics as varied as DNA typing, osteology, neuropathology, psychology, crime scene photography, ballistics, criminal profiling, and more. Elsevier provides forensics publications that cover all these topics, written by top authorities, to students, professors, researchers, and professionals.

Forensic Sciences

Identification of Criminals Based on Bacteria and Skin Chemicals

Everything we touch and consume leaves traces on our skin and in our body. The food we eat,... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Testing of Backlogged Rape Evidence Leads to Hundreds of Convictions

Hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits, also known as sexual assault kits (SAKs), languish in evidence storage... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Lost Opportunities with Latent Prints

All too often important and possibly critical evidence is left behind or unnecessarily contaminated at the scene of... Read more

Chemistry; Forensic Sciences

Forensic Breakthrough? Study Suggests Humans Can Be Identified by the Proteins in Their Hair

It’s hair-raising news for criminals on the run. Scientists behind a new study, published in the journal PLOS... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Free Forensic and Legal Medicine Articles

The recently published Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine, Second Edition is a pioneering four volume reference compiled... Read more

Forensic Sciences

VIVA 4N6: In Las Vegas, Embattled Forensic Experts Respond to Scandals and Flawed Convictions

This article originally appeared in The Intercept. To read the original article, click here. I CAN PEEL a... Read more

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Forensic Sciences

Feeling Sleepy? You Might Be At Risk of Falsely Confessing to a Crime You Did Not Commit

If you are one of the millions of people who have listened to the podcast “Serial” or watched... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Elsevier’s The Analysis of Burned Human Remains Wins PROSE Award

Winners of the 40th Annual PROSE Awards were announced February 4th at the annual Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP)... Read more

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