Forensic Sciences

Forensic science is a key component of criminal investigation and civil law worldwide. This broad-based field ranges over topics as varied as DNA typing, osteology, neuropathology, psychology, crime scene photography, ballistics, criminal profiling, and more. Elsevier provides forensics publications that cover all these topics, written by top authorities, to students, professors, researchers, and professionals.

Forensic Sciences

What Motivates Public Place Murders?

Few details have come to light about what motivated Vester Lee Flanagan, the shooter of two Virginia television... Read more

Forensic Sciences

How Innovation-Killing Trolls Toppled the Patent Process

Nearly everyone who isn’t a lawyer agrees: intellectual property law is a mess. And the monopolies granted by... Read more

Forensic Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Where is All the Ivory From? Using Forensic Science and Elephant DNA to Stop Poachers

As the largest land mammal, African elephants are keystone species in their environment. We are currently losing up to... Read more

Forensic Sciences

New DNA Technique Helps in Identifying Twins

This article was first published in The Conversation under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives license. Read the original article... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Bacteria on Shoes Could Help Forensic Teams Catch Suspects

This article was originally published in The Conversation under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives license. Read the original... Read more

Forensic Sciences

A Cure for Junk Forensic Science?

The US Forensic Science Commission allows access to draft recommendations and wants public feedback by May 15th. This... Read more

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Forensic Sciences

FBI Admits to Forensic Review in Over 2000 Cases

In its continuing saga of systemic identification forensic failures, the FBI promises to join forces with the Innocence... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Poisons, Plants and Paleolithic Hunters

This post first appeared on The University of Cambridge website. Click here to read the original article or continue reading below:... Read more

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