Food Science & Nutrition

The field of food science is highly interdisciplinary, spanning areas of chemistry, engineering, biology, and many more. Researchers in these areas achieve fundamental advances in our understanding of agriculture, nutrition, and food-borne illness, and develop new technologies, like food processing methods and packaging material. Against a backdrop of global issues of food supply and regulation, this important work is supported by Elsevier’s catalog of books, eBooks, and journals in food science, considered essential resources for students, instructors, and health professionals worldwide. Learn more about our Food Science and Nutrition books here.

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Food Science & Nutrition

Do Poor People Eat More Junk Food Than Wealthier Americans?

Eating fast food is frequently blamed for damaging our health. As nutrition experts point out, it is not... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

What if Several of the World’s Biggest Food Crops Failed at the Same Time?

Less than one-quarter of Earth’s total cropland produces nearly three-quarters of the staple crops that feed the world’s... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Want to Eat Fish That’s Truly Good for You? Here Are Some Guidelines to Reeling One in

Seafood is very healthy to eat – all things considered. Fish and shellfish are an important source of... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Australian Farmers are Adapting to Climate Change

2016-17 has been a great year for Australian farmers, with record production, exports and profits. These records have... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

The Global Market for Wine: China Leads the Emergence of a New World Order

Recent figures in the annual report of the International Organisation of Wine and Vine (OIV) confirm that the... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Factors Affecting the Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability of Bioactive Compounds

Bioactive compounds are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They include an extremely heterogeneous class of compounds... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

“Olive Mill Waste” Book Presentations & Author Team Acknowledgments

After its launch five months ago, the Olive Mill Waste book is continuously raising interest among researchers, academics,... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes another growing season. Eating a diet rich in... Read more

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