Food Science & Nutrition

The field of food science is highly interdisciplinary, spanning areas of chemistry, engineering, biology, and many more. Researchers in these areas achieve fundamental advances in our understanding of agriculture, nutrition, and food-borne illness, and develop new technologies, like food processing methods and packaging material. Against a backdrop of global issues of food supply and regulation, this important work is supported by Elsevier’s catalog of books, eBooks, and journals in food science, considered essential resources for students, instructors, and health professionals worldwide. Learn more about our Food Science and Nutrition books here.

Food Science & Nutrition

A New Release – The Craft and Science of Coffee, 1st Edition

Nespresso is proud to launch The Craft and Science of Coffee, a new resource for industry professionals and... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Top Five SciTech Connect Food Science & Agriculture Articles of 2016

As we bid farewell to 2016, here’s a look back at some interesting and thought-provoking articles in food... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Moving Beyond Pro/Con Debates Over Genetically Engineered Crops

Since the 1980s biologists have used genetic engineering to express novel traits in crop plants. Over the last... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Drought-Resistant Grass to Spur Milk Production

Struggling East African dairy farmers could benefit from new varieties of high-quality, drought-resistant forage grass known as Brachiaria... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Wine Aging

There is little one can say positively about aging (except for the option to retire). However, when we... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Just Your Cup of Tea: the History (and Health Claims) of the Nation’s Favorite Brew

How do you take your tea – with a drop of poisonous chemicals or a spoonful of sheep... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Life Sciences

Microbes: Our Tiny, Crucial Allies

Most of us considered microbes little more than nasty germs before science recently began turning our view of... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Wine and Food: Two Negatives Make a Positive

Wine has traditionally been viewed as a food beverage. Supposedly, this should imply some inherent compatibility. When one... Read more

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