Food Science & Nutrition

The field of food science is highly interdisciplinary, spanning areas of chemistry, engineering, biology, and many more. Researchers in these areas achieve fundamental advances in our understanding of agriculture, nutrition, and food-borne illness, and develop new technologies, like food processing methods and packaging material. Against a backdrop of global issues of food supply and regulation, this important work is supported by Elsevier’s catalog of books, eBooks, and journals in food science, considered essential resources for students, instructors, and health professionals worldwide. Learn more about our Food Science and Nutrition books here.

Food Science & Nutrition

Understanding Hunger and Malnutrition

In its broadest context, malnutrition is a state of having an inappropriate nutritional status with respect to one... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara and You

I’ve come to believe that mathematics, as an investigative science, as a practical discipline and as a creative... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

A Note from the Acquisitions Editor of the New Reference Module in Food Science

With rapid advances in areas of food science such as technology, chemistry, safety and consumer behaviour, it is... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Pharmaceutical Sciences

In Defense of Red Meat

Cooked meat is a nutrient dense food made possible by the discovery of fire, and it is argued... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Reference Module in Food Science

The Reference Module in Food Science, publishing December late this year, will help researchers access increasingly interdisciplinary content... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

How Modern Crops Can Ensure Food Security in a Heatwave

India’s heatwave again highlights just how seriously extreme weather conditions threaten our ability to put sufficient nutritious food... Read more

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Food Science & Nutrition

The Riddle of Swiss Cheese Holes Solved

The formation of holes in cheese has interested scientists for long time. In 1917 William Clark published a... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Materials Science

Unscripted: Editors-in-Chief of the New Reference Modules in Food Science and in Materials Science

Drs. Geoffrey Smithers and Saleem Hashmi, Editors-in-Chief of the two new modules, discuss researcher needs and the value... Read more

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