Engineering brings science and technology out of the lab and into the real world. Often without thinking about it, we engage every day with technology that is the product of careful, precise design and execution by engineers in electronics, optics, and communications; embedded systems; automotive, aerospace, and marine; mechanical; and many other disciplines. For decades, Elsevier has maintained and grown extensive collections in these and other cutting-edge areas, like biomechanics and nanotechnology, through our trusted imprints: Newnes, Academic Press, and Woodhead Publishing. In addition, our powerful online platforms like Knovel and Engineering Village help streamline research and development processes for users around the world.


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Engineering; Materials Science

Engineering Toward Humanity

Safety in the built environment is a fundamental right[1]. While adequate shelter is perhaps the most critical aspect... Read more


How to Build a Real Lightsaber

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Engineering in an Age of Limits, Pt. 19: Bright Green Denial

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