Economics & Finance

In the 21st century, both personal fortunes and global economies are tied more tightly than ever to corporate businesses and financial markets. For scholars and professionals, a solid grounding in economics and finance is critical, as is up-to-date knowledge of technology, law, and corporate structures and practices in these swiftly evolving fields. Elsevier provides content written by leading experts on key topics of currency exchange, bank regulation, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, real estate, environmental economics, industry development, project finance, and more. We also produce essential handbooks on the economics of health care, agriculture, education, and a wide spectrum of other areas of public policy.

Economics & Finance

Preview of Elsevier Authors Participating at AEA/ASSA in January

The following Elsevier editors, authors, and book contributors will be presenting in some format at the forthcoming American... Read more

Economics & Finance

Angus Deaton Awarded Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

The application of microeconomic tools in the service of easing poverty has taken another step forward with the... Read more

Economics & Finance

How Stanford Took on the Giants of Economics

In a recent article in the New York Times by senior economic correspondent Neil Irwin, How Stanford Took... Read more

Economics & Finance

So You Want to Be an Actuary?

Actuarial and finance students worldwide will be interested in my recent interview with Professor Stephen Garrett about his... Read more

Economics & Finance

Dealing with Greek Debt Needs a Radical Rethink – Lessons from Japan

After weeks of negotiations and months of uncertainty, Greece has agreed to an €86 billion bailout deal with... Read more

Economics & Finance

Credit Risk Management in African Banks – Why It’s Important

I can vividly remember the mood in financial circles in Nigeria in early 1991 when I started a... Read more

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Economics & Finance

Pacific Trade Deal’s Outlook Clouded by Patent Disputes

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Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss? Here’s How You Start in 9 Steps

Budgets for science and academic research are being cut all around the world and many people are thinking... Read more

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