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In the 21st century, both personal fortunes and global economies are tied more tightly than ever to corporate businesses and financial markets. For scholars and professionals, a solid grounding in economics and finance is critical, as is up-to-date knowledge of technology, law, and corporate structures and practices in these swiftly evolving fields. Elsevier provides content written by leading experts on key topics of currency exchange, bank regulation, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, real estate, environmental economics, industry development, project finance, and more. We also produce essential handbooks on the economics of health care, agriculture, education, and a wide spectrum of other areas of public policy.

Economics & Finance

Where are we now – The State of the Art of Infrastructure Investing

From 2004 through 2017, fundraising for unlisted infrastructure experienced remarkable growth, moving from a negligible 2 billion USD... Read more

Economics & Finance; Neuroscience

Financial Neurology: Yeah, It’s a Thing Now

Since finance plays such a vital role in our daily lives, and that humanity has spent an eternity... Read more

Economics & Finance; Neuroscience

Emergence of the Uniquely Human Economy

At its core, the human experience has always been about the manner in which we acquire the resources... Read more

Economics & Finance

Call for Authors: Perspectives on Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Behavior

Elsevier is launching a new book series, Perspectives on Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Behavior. Under the... Read more

Economics & Finance

A Call to Authors Working on Complexity in Economics

Elsevier is developing a range of volumes reviewing scholarly research across complexity in economics, under the scholarly editorship... Read more

Economics & Finance

Why Richard Thaler Won the 2017 Economics Nobel Prize

The 49th Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences – commonly referred to as the Nobel Prize for economics... Read more

Economics & Finance; Social Sciences

The Penny May Be Worthless, But Let’s Keep It Anyway

Governments have long waged a war on cash in an attempt to curb terrorism and tax evasion. Their focus has typically... Read more

Economics & Finance

The Global Economy, a World Divided

The second section of my book, Redefining Capitalism in Global Economic Development, is ambitious in that it first... Read more

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