Earth & Environmental Science

The fields of Earth science, planetary sciences, and environmental science encompass disciplines critical to the future of our world and its inhabitants. Our well-being depends on a thorough understanding of air and water resources, soil chemistry, atmospheric dynamics, geology, and geochemistry, along with a myriad of other aspects of the environment we live in. Elsevier supports the efforts of researchers and scholars in these areas with content that meets their cross-disciplinary needs: journals, books, eBooks, and online tools that span computer science, chemistry, energy, engineering, biology, agronomy, ecology, environmental impact and many other topics fundamental to the study of our world. Learn more about our Earth and Environmental Science books here.

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Earth & Environmental Science

Even When It’s Sitting in Storage, Coal Threatens Human Health

President Trump and his appointees have pledged to end what they call the “war on coal” – policies... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Why People Around The World Fear Climate Change More Than Americans Do

When asked about major threats to their country, Europeans are more likely than Americans to cite global climate... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

How To Work Out Which Coral Reefs Will Bleach, And Which Might Be Spared

Regional variations in sea surface temperature, related to seasons and El Niño, could be crucial for the survival... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

As Communities Rebuild After Hurricanes, Study Shows Wetlands Can Significantly Reduce Property Damage

  A 12-year “hurricane drought” during which no major hurricanes made landfall in the continental United States ended... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Beyond Bleach: Mold a Long-Term Problem After Flooding and Disasters

One of the biggest issues surrounding flooding after natural disasters is mold, a problem that can stay with... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Mexico’s Road To Recovery After Quakes Is Far Longer Than It Looks

In the span of just 11 days, Mexico was devastated by two major earthquakes that destroyed buildings and... Read more

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Earth & Environmental Science

When It Comes to Public Lands Conservation in the USA: Got Science?

As a 30-plus year veteran of public lands conservation, I sculpted my career out of a solid scientific... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Life Sciences

Harvey and Irma Present Nearly Perfect Conditions for Zika-Spreading Mosquitoes

Even as the floodwaters from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma begin to recede, significant but less obvious health threats... Read more

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