Earth & Environmental Science

The fields of Earth science, planetary sciences, and environmental science encompass disciplines critical to the future of our world and its inhabitants. Our well-being depends on a thorough understanding of air and water resources, soil chemistry, atmospheric dynamics, geology, and geochemistry, along with a myriad of other aspects of the environment we live in. Elsevier supports the efforts of researchers and scholars in these areas with content that meets their cross-disciplinary needs: journals, books, eBooks, and online tools that span computer science, chemistry, energy, engineering, biology, agronomy, ecology, environmental impact and many other topics fundamental to the study of our world. Learn more about our Earth and Environmental Science books here.

Earth & Environmental Science

The Citizen Science Revolution and Artificial Intelligence

Two revolutions have been occurring at the same time in recent years: the citizen science revolution and the... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Why (ex)Hurricane Ophelia Took a Wrong Turn Towards Ireland and Britain – and Carried all that Dust

Hurricane Ophelia, by then downgraded to Storm Ophelia, reached Ireland on Monday October 16. At the time of... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Life Sciences

Scientist At Work: Measuring Public Health Impacts After Disasters

Two months after Hurricane Harvey submerged much of metropolitan Houston, recovery is under way across the city. Residents... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Wildfire Smoke And Health: 5 Questions Answered

Editor’s note: The federal government has declared a public health emergency in Northern California due to wildfires burning across 10... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Primary Forest and Roadless Areas: Why We Need Wild Places in the Anthropocene

In this fascinating talk, Dominick DellaSala discusses why scientists are now talking about a new geological age, the... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Urban Noise Pollution is Worst in Poor and Minority Neighborhoods and Segregated Cities

Most Americans think of cities as noisy places – but some parts of U.S. cities are much louder... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Earth & Environmental Science

Even When It’s Sitting in Storage, Coal Threatens Human Health

President Trump and his appointees have pledged to end what they call the “war on coal” – policies... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Why People Around The World Fear Climate Change More Than Americans Do

When asked about major threats to their country, Europeans are more likely than Americans to cite global climate... Read more

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