Earth & Environmental Science

The fields of Earth science, planetary sciences, and environmental science encompass disciplines critical to the future of our world and its inhabitants. Our well-being depends on a thorough understanding of air and water resources, soil chemistry, atmospheric dynamics, geology, and geochemistry, along with a myriad of other aspects of the environment we live in. Elsevier supports the efforts of researchers and scholars in these areas with content that meets their cross-disciplinary needs: journals, books, eBooks, and online tools that span computer science, chemistry, energy, engineering, biology, agronomy, ecology, environmental impact and many other topics fundamental to the study of our world. Learn more about our Earth and Environmental Science books here.

Earth & Environmental Science; Food Science & Nutrition

Drones: Agriculture’s New Best Friend!

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are commonly associated with the military. Interest in drones has been growing... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Physical Security & Emergency Management

“Cross-Sector Collaboration During Emergencies is No Longer a Best Practice; It is a Necessity”

With extensive recovery from the record-breaking hurricane season of 2017 still very much underway, it is sobering to... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Food Science & Nutrition; Physics

Mars explorers, take your vitamins!

Many vitamins will degrade over the duration of, for example, a mission to Mars, but polymer microgels could... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Why we need a Geological Macroscope

A microscope is a device to help us see small things easily, but a macroscope is a network... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

From the industrial revolution to the renewables economy: the importance of geology

Geoscience has always been at the centre of energy transitions, and this is examined in my new book:... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

If you want to be safe from earthquakes, plant some trees!

If you imagine that planting is sagacious for the health of individuals on the planet, the implication would... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Geoscience and climate change: the African groundwater story

Part of what I call the ‘geology – energy – climate nexus,’ the intimate relationship between geoscience, energy... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

I explored the Antarctic deep seas for Blue Planet II – and it was like going back 350 million years

“It has always been our ambition to get inside that white space, and now we are there the... Read more

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