Earth & Environmental Science

The fields of Earth science, planetary sciences, and environmental science encompass disciplines critical to the future of our world and its inhabitants. Our well-being depends on a thorough understanding of air and water resources, soil chemistry, atmospheric dynamics, geology, and geochemistry, along with a myriad of other aspects of the environment we live in. Elsevier supports the efforts of researchers and scholars in these areas with content that meets their cross-disciplinary needs: journals, books, eBooks, and online tools that span computer science, chemistry, energy, engineering, biology, agronomy, ecology, environmental impact and many other topics fundamental to the study of our world. Learn more about our Earth and Environmental Science books here.

Earth & Environmental Science

The Mediterranean at Risk

In the news:  As we celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8, we are again reminded of the many... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Life Sciences

To Conserve Tropical Forests and Wildlife, Protect the Rights of People Who Rely on Them

Many of our planet’s most beautiful areas are also sites of intense conflicts. In a recent example, traditional... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Plastic Oceans

It’s been said that we know more about the Moon’s behind than the Ocean’s bottom, and we have... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Permo-Triassic Salt Provinces of Europe, North Africa, and the Atlantic Margins

In a recent conversation with one of the editors for Permo-Triassic Salt Provinces of Europe, North Africa, and... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

An Introduction to the New Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies

The new Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies provides an authoritative assessment of the sustainable technologies that are currently available... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Towards a More Systemic View of Biological Invasions

Map of the spatial distribution of species loss. The figure is a planisphere of the distribution of the... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Neuroscience

The Path Towards Modern Geosciences

Geosciences are evolving with impressive speed. Brain-inspired technologies, including artificial neural networks and the subfield of computer science... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Watching the Planet Breathe: Studying Earth’s Carbon Cycle from Space

Carbon is a building block of life on our planet. It is stored in reservoirs on Earth –... Read more

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