Earth & Environmental Science

The fields of Earth science, planetary sciences, and environmental science encompass disciplines critical to the future of our world and its inhabitants. Our well-being depends on a thorough understanding of air and water resources, soil chemistry, atmospheric dynamics, geology, and geochemistry, along with a myriad of other aspects of the environment we live in. Elsevier supports the efforts of researchers and scholars in these areas with content that meets their cross-disciplinary needs: journals, books, eBooks, and online tools that span computer science, chemistry, energy, engineering, biology, agronomy, ecology, environmental impact and many other topics fundamental to the study of our world. Learn more about our Earth and Environmental Science books here.

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Earth & Environmental Science

Agile Energy Systems: Central Grid and On-Site Distributed Power Together

Governments on all levels (UN, Nations, States and Cities) and their utilities (central grid and on-site power) are... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Climate Change and Lyme Disease Relation

Let’s be clear, ticks are frightening. They cling on to you, suck your blood, and carry disease. As... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

A Tribute to the World’s Oceans: Why We Couldn’t Survive Without Them

Most of us do not realise the impact of the oceans on our daily lives, nor how humanity... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Aquaculture is Main Driver of Mangrove Losses

Speed Read: Aquaculture has proved to be worst enemy of mangroves worldwide Mangroves provide livelihoods, protect coastlines against... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

The World’s Five Deadliest Volcanoes… and Why They’re So Dangerous

An eruption of Mount Etna recently caught out some BBC journalists who were filming there. The footage was extraordinary... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

The Other Reason to Shift Away from Coal: Air Pollution that Kills Thousands Every Year

When President Donald Trump announced on June 1 that he had decided to withdraw the United States from... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

New Findings on Earthquakes and Oil and Gas Extraction in the United States

In recent years Oklahoma has become one of the most seismically active regions in the United States. This... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

The Mediterranean at Risk

In the news:  As we celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8, we are again reminded of the many... Read more

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