Computer Security

Securing computer systems is crucial in our increasingly interconnected electronic world. With so many business, consumer, and governmental processes occurring online, a growing potential exists for unauthorized access, change, or destruction of those processes. For years, Elsevier’s Syngress imprint has helped computer and information security professionals learn theory, strategy, and tactics for protecting digital assets in this constantly evolving field. Our books and eBooks in areas such as info security, digital forensics, hacking and penetration testing, certification, and IT security and administration. Click here for Syngress companion materials Click here for access to our archive of free eBooks, booklets and downloadable PDFs for Syngress and Computer security content. Access companion materials and instructor’s resources for all our books from the Elsevier Store. Search by author, title or ISBN, then look for the “Resources” tab on any book page.

Computer Security

‘Snowden,’ a Picture of the Cybersecurity State

With the release of a new film about Edward Snowden, the man who revealed secret documents detailing a... Read more

Computer Security

Teaching the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

Each morning seems to bring new reports of hacks, privacy breaches, threats to national defense or our critical... Read more

Computer Security

iPhone Hack Attack Shows Why We Need to Rein in the Trade in Spyware

Downloading security updates for computers and mobile devices is a regular routine for most of us. But not... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Computer Security

Why You Should Worry About the Privatization of Genetic Data

President Obama has promised to support a bold future for medicine where diagnostic testing and treatments aren’t just... Read more

Computer Security

Business Briefing: Hack-Proof, How Business Can Stay Ahead in Cybersecurity

The first thing business gets wrong in understanding cybersecurity is assessing the value of the information it holds.... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Will Superfast ‘Quantum’ Computers Mean the End of Unbreakable Encryption

There is a computing revolution coming, although nobody knows exactly when. What are known as “quantum computers” will... Read more

Computer Security

After the NSA Hack: Cybersecurity in an Even more Vulnerable World

It is looking increasingly likely that computer hackers have in fact successfully attacked what had been the pinnacle... Read more

Computer Security

How Vulnerable to Hacking is the US Election Cyber Infrastructure?

Following the hack of Democratic National Committee emails and reports of a new cyber attack against the Democratic... Read more

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