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Securing computer systems is crucial in our increasingly interconnected electronic world. With so many business, consumer, and governmental processes occurring online, a growing potential exists for unauthorized access, change, or destruction of those processes. For years, Elsevier’s Syngress imprint has helped computer and information security professionals learn theory, strategy, and tactics for protecting digital assets in this constantly evolving field. Our books and eBooks in areas such as info security, digital forensics, hacking and penetration testing, certification, and IT security and administration. Click here for Syngress companion materials Click here for access to our archive of free eBooks, booklets and downloadable PDFs for Syngress and Computer security content. Access companion materials and instructor’s resources for all our books from the Elsevier Store. Search by author, title or ISBN, then look for the “Resources” tab on any book page.

Computer Science; Computer Security

How Computer Hacking is Becoming Russia’s Weapon of Choice

In his 2007 address to the Annual Security Conference in Munich, Vladimir Putin threw down a gauntlet to... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Know When to Fold ‘em: AI Beats World’s Top Poker Players

  If you were about to start playing a game of online poker, you might want to think... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Surrendering Online Privacy for the Sake of Convenience

It is inconvenient to guard one’s privacy, and the better one protects it, the more inconvenience one must... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Cybersecurity’s Next Phase: Cyber-Deterrence

Cyberattackers pose many threats to a wide range of targets. Russia, for example, was accused of hacking Democratic... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Combating Cybercrime When There’s Plenty of Phish in the Sea

As more and more crime moves online, computer scientists, criminologists and legal academics have joined forces in Cambridge... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Questions Still Need Answering in Australia’s Largest Health Data Breach

  In what is Australia’s biggest data breach of medical information, more than 550,000 customers of the Australian... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

By Attacking DNS, Hackers Can Bring Down Many Websites for the Price of One

Kjetil Kolbjornsrud/ When hugely popular websites and services such as Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, PayPal and Amazon Web Services... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Could Your Kettle Bring Down the Internet?

How could a webcam help bring down some of the world’s most popular websites? It seems unlikely but... Read more

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