A field as broad as chemistry is cross-disciplinary by nature. Chemistry researchers, in their work or study, may encounter issues in materials science, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or a wide range of other disciplines. In addition to the major areas of organic and inorganic chemistry, Elsevier content covers advanced topics such as quantum chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical and theoretical chemistry, energy generation and storage, nano-chemistry, surface and interface chemistry, and environmental chemistry. This content is available over a spectrum of formats that includes journals, books, eBooks, undergraduate textbooks, multi-volume reference works, and innovative databases and online products like Reaxys. Learn more about our Chemistry books here.


The Chemistry of a Soccer Shirt

As a follow up to our recent post on the chemistry of the ball being used in the... Read more


The Chemistry of Beer

Following our recent post on the development of an app that can detect stale beer we thought we’d... Read more


The Chemistry of The Euro 2016 Soccer Ball

With the European Championships in full swing in France we thought we’d share this very informative and topical... Read more

Chemistry; Food Science & Nutrition

An App Knows if a Beer Has Gone Stale

Chemists at the Complutense University of Madrid have developed a method that allows brewers to measure the freshness... Read more


Elsevier Foundation Launches Next Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

The Elsevier Foundation has announced the launch of the 2017 Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge. In accordance with... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Chemistry

Ask An Expert: Anthony C. Hackney, Professor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition

We sit down with Anthony C. Hackney, Professor of Exercise Physiology & Nutrition at University of North Carolina at Chapel... Read more

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