A field as broad as chemistry is cross-disciplinary by nature. Chemistry researchers, in their work or study, may encounter issues in materials science, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or a wide range of other disciplines. In addition to the major areas of organic and inorganic chemistry, Elsevier content covers advanced topics such as quantum chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical and theoretical chemistry, energy generation and storage, nano-chemistry, surface and interface chemistry, and environmental chemistry. This content is available over a spectrum of formats that includes journals, books, eBooks, undergraduate textbooks, multi-volume reference works, and innovative databases and online products like Reaxys. Learn more about our Chemistry books here.


An Introduction to the New Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry

The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry (edited by John Lindon, George Tranter, and John Holmes) was... Read more


From Muscles to Motors: 2016 Chemistry Nobel Goes to Creators of the World’s Tiniest Machines

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three individuals for designing and developing molecular machines.... Read more


How Fast Is Your Chemistry Search?

Separate the wheat from the chaff Being a Chemist in today’s society is a daunting experience. Chemistry accomplishments... Read more


Decriminalise Use of Medical Marijuana and Legalise Small-Scale Cultivation

A large number of people in Britain are committing crime to alleviate pain and suffering. They do this... Read more

Chemistry; Forensic Sciences

Forensic Breakthrough? Study Suggests Humans Can Be Identified by the Proteins in Their Hair

It’s hair-raising news for criminals on the run. Scientists behind a new study, published in the journal PLOS... Read more


Up to 40% of Some Herbal Supplements Are Mislabeled or Contain Adulterants

The use of food supplements and herbal medicinal products by the public, including athletes, is common practice –... Read more

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More Americans Are Using Cannabis – And View it as Harmless

There has been a significant increase in the number of Americans using cannabis, rising from 21.9m in 2002... Read more


Analytical Chemistry – The Unlikely Ally in Maintaining Your Health

Analytical chemistry is always portrayed as large bottles of coloured liquids somewhat similar to those you may remember... Read more

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