A field as broad as chemistry is cross-disciplinary by nature. Chemistry researchers, in their work or study, may encounter issues in materials science, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or a wide range of other disciplines. In addition to the major areas of organic and inorganic chemistry, Elsevier content covers advanced topics such as quantum chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical and theoretical chemistry, energy generation and storage, nano-chemistry, surface and interface chemistry, and environmental chemistry. This content is available over a spectrum of formats that includes journals, books, eBooks, undergraduate textbooks, multi-volume reference works, and innovative databases and online products like Reaxys. Learn more about our Chemistry books here.


The Chemistry of Allergies and Antihistamines

It’s coming around to the time of year when hay fever strikes! Here’s a look at the chemical... Read more


Using Analytical Chemistry to Understand the Problem of Microplastics in the Ocean

Microplastics are plastic particles with less than 5 mm in size and physico-chemical properties (e.g., overall size, density, color... Read more


Reversible Reactions, Equilibrium, and Le Châtelier’s Principle

When you think of chemical reactions, you might think of them as irreversible, permanently changing one substance into another.... Read more


The Chemistry of Nail Polish – Polymers, Plasticisers and Pigments

Painting your nails with nail polish might not seem like a particularly complex chemical process, but there’s much... Read more


New Antimicrobial Compounds Offer Hope Against Resistant Infections

Microbes fail to develop resistance to three new potential agents in early tests Receiving cancer therapy, having an... Read more

Chemical Engineering; Chemistry

Energy Independence, Energy Security and National Security are Linked

In the second Presidential debate, the topic of US energy independence came up. While the US is certainly... Read more


Phosphorus is Vital for Life on Earth – and We’re Running Low

Phosphorus is an essential element which is contained in many cellular compounds, such as DNA and the energy... Read more


Addressing the Challenges in Chemical Process Safety

Chemical process safety is a key component to the management of chemicals that are an essential part of... Read more

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