Chemical Engineering

Most of the major scientific challenges of the 21st century — including sustainable energy resources, water quality issues, and process efficiency in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries — revolve around chemical engineering. Elsevier’s broad content in this area examines topics such as bioprocessing, polymer nano-composites, biomass gasification and pyrolysis, computational fluid dynamics, industrial proteins, catalysis, and many others with great significance and applicability to researchers today. Our books, eBooks, and online tools provide foundational information to students, and cutting-edge coverage to advance corporate research and development. Learn more about our Chemical Engineering books here.

Chemical Engineering

Ask an Academic: Ashraf Labib

We sit down with Ashraf Labib, disaster management expert and author of Learning from Failures, Decision Analysis of... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Ask a Chemical Engineering Expert – Seán Moran

We sit down with Seán Moran, the voice of chemical engineering to ask him 10 questions about his field... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Let’s Celebrate Women’s Existence in Engineering as the New Norm

I am (as my photo hopefully makes clear) either a man or a strikingly hirsute woman. I am... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Graduates are Not Chemical Engineers!

First published on Linkedin I wrote a post a few weeks back about how chemical engineering graduates wanted to... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Fusion or Confusion?

The “Chemical Engineering” of academia has very little to do with the profession of that name any more.... Read more

Chemical Engineering

The Lost Art of Process Plant Layout

I have just finished updating the IChemE’s book on Process Plant Layout, which will be one of a... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Five Ways Chemicals Can Save the World From Climate Change

When it comes to the environment, the chemical industry doesn’t have the best reputation. Yet it has a... Read more

Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Materials Science

Plastics of the Future May Be Made From Sulfur, Not Oil, Putting Waste to Good Use

What has chemistry ever done for me, you might ask? Just as Dustin Hoffman was told by one... Read more

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