Biomedicine & Biochemistry

The disciplines of biomedicine and biochemistry impact the lives of millions of people every day. Research in these areas has led to practical applications in cardiology, cancer treatment, respiratory medicine, drug development, and more. Interdisciplinary fields of study, including neuroscience, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, and psychology come together in this research to yield significant new discoveries. Elsevier’s biomedicine and biochemistry content spans a wide range of subject matter in various forms, including journals, books, eBooks, and online information services, enabling students, researchers, and clinicians to advance these fields. Learn more about our Biomedical and Biochemistry books here.

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Health Economics Surrounding Medical Devices

In the Fifth blog in this series, Editor Beth Fiedler discusses health economics surrounding medical devices. “Economic spending... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Behavioral Genetic Toolkits

One of the most well-known discoveries from the field of evolutionary developmental biology (Evo-Devo) is that many of the... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Author Story: How One Book Influenced My Academic Career

By Dr. Anthony C. Hackney, author of Exercise, Sport, and Bioanalytical Chemistry As a first generation college graduate, actually... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

The European Union Medical Device Market and Regulatory Environment

In the fourth blog in this series, Editor Beth Fiedler discusses the European Union Medical Device Market and... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Computer Security

Why You Should Worry About the Privatization of Genetic Data

President Obama has promised to support a bold future for medicine where diagnostic testing and treatments aren’t just... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Genetic Diseases

The following is taken from the article Genetic Diseases by O. Shapiro and G. Bratslavsky included in both... Read more

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

The Up-and Downside of Risk Management Collaboration

In the third blog in this series, Editor Beth Fiedler discusses The Up- and Downside of Risk Management... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Vasculogenic Mimicry: A New Target for Cancer Therapy

This is no novel idea, but after 17 years of a spirited debated, pharmaceutical companies are finally taking... Read more

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