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Biomedical; Life Sciences

Keys to Running Successful Research Projects: All the Things They Never Teach You

Management of anything is difficult when you’ve had no preliminary training, and, in my experience, young scientists need... Read more

Biomedical; Neuroscience

Four Elsevier Titles Honored with High Commendations at the 2018 British Medical Association Medical Book Awards

Elsevier celebrates the Association’s high commendation of its medical books during an extremely competitive year  We are thrilled... Read more

Biomedical; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Empowering Clinical Researchers Through Shared Content and Knowledge

Clinical research in the field of global health is an essential component of medical breakthroughs, establishing practices, and... Read more

Biomedical; Pharmaceutical Sciences

A practical guide for daily Clinical Research and Clinical Trial conduct

The Sourcebook for Clinical Research: A Practical Guide for Study Conduct is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for clinical... Read more

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