Alternative & Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technology and science are rapidly evolving as demand for alternative energy increases worldwide, with far-reaching implications for global economies, public policy, industrial development, and the environment. The vital research being done in these areas is reflected in Elsevier’s journals, books, eBooks, and information solutions. Our products cover fundamental scientific and technological advances in solar, wind, power transmission, smart grids, and more, with a focus on improving energy efficiency and output among key sectors.

Alternative & Renewable Energy

21st Century Challenges: Reconciling Energy Security with Sustainability and Affordability

On the 14-15th of June I attended the 2016 Energy Systems Conference in Westminster, organized by the Energy... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

New Technology Offers Hope for Storing Carbon Dioxide Underground

To halt climate change and prevent dangerous warming, we ultimately have to stop pumping greenhouse gases into the... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Cellulose: New Understanding Could Lead to Tailored Biofuels

In the search for low emission plant-based fuels, new research may help avoid having to choose between growing... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Need the Latest Resources in Energy? Visit Elsevier at ASME Power and Energy!

2016 brings together all of ASME’s world class conferences on Power Generation, Energy Sources and Energy Sustainability: ASME... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Preview of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference

We spent 5 minutes catching up with Energy Acquisitions Editor before she flew out to Spain to find... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Engineering

Get to Know an Engineering Publisher: Joe Hayton

Professional Info: Joe Hayton Publisher Engineering Do you have prior publishing experience? Before joining Elsevier I was working... Read more

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Alternative & Renewable Energy

Britain Is Sending a Huge Nuclear Waste Consignment to America – Why?

A very unusual exchange is about to take place over the Atlantic. The UK is sending some 700kg... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

The 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

In a few weeks, I’ll be boarding a plane to Amsterdam for the 24th  European Biomass Conference &... Read more

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