Alternative & Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technology and science are rapidly evolving as demand for alternative energy increases worldwide, with far-reaching implications for global economies, public policy, industrial development, and the environment. The vital research being done in these areas is reflected in Elsevier’s journals, books, eBooks, and information solutions. Our products cover fundamental scientific and technological advances in solar, wind, power transmission, smart grids, and more, with a focus on improving energy efficiency and output among key sectors.

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Flight To Greener Aviation Fuel Has Hit Turbulence – Here’s Why

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, one of the biggest hurdles is the world’s addiction to flying.... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Chemistry

The Amazing Ashok!

Just one look at Professor Ashok Pandey’s biography and you quickly get a sense of just how much... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Energy Management Principle Number 16: Energy Storage

Energy storage is an important application of energy management. Often the greatest demand for energy does not coincide... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Wired-Up roads Will Soon Charge Your Electric Car – While You’re Driving

It was Tesla Motors, more than any other company, that triggered the current interest in electric cars. The... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Energy Management Principles

In 2015, authors Craig Smith and Kelly Parmenter completed the research and writing of the second edition of... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Is ‘Clean Coal’ Power the Answer to Australia’s Emissions Targets?

As Australia’s energy debate heats up, some politicians are calling for cleaner and more efficient coal power stations... Read more

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Alternative & Renewable Energy

A New Twist on Fusion Power Could Help Bring Limitless Clean Energy

In a world struggling to kick its addiction to fossil fuels and feed its growing appetite for energy,... Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Inside the Coal Industry’s Rhetorical Playbook

If citizens have heard anything about the upheaval in the U.S. coal industry, it is probably the insistence... Read more

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