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Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker – A Webinar and Job Search Advice

By: , Posted on: March 9, 2017

becoming an international humanitarian aid worker webinar

As millions of civilians across the globe continue to flee armed conflicts, natural disasters and the impacts of climate change, skilled humanitarian professionals are as important as ever in alleviating human suffering. The challenges faced by these humanitarian aid workers have changed over the years and so too has the way in which careers in this sector begin and evolve.

In this exclusive Devex webinar, veteran humanitarian aid workers Chen Reis and Tania Bernath discuss their recently released book Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker which looks at the changes and challenges impacting careers in the humanitarian aid sector. The authors share key findings from their extensive research with aid workers and employers alike, and tips from their years working in the field.

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You have decided that a career in humanitarian aid work is right for you, and you are aware of the skills, experiences, and network you need to get a job in humanitarian aid. Now it is time to embark on your job search. We are pleased to offer you a complementary download of a chapter from ScienceDirect “Job Search” that provides you insight on how to conduct a strategic and systematic search.

Additional Reading: Chapter 8: Job Search

The author’s book, Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker, features advice drawn from an analysis of humanitarian jobs, a survey of aid workers, and interviews with human resource staff and humanitarian professionals. Written in a conversational style with anecdotes, advice and stories from people working in the industry today, it features useful tips and exercises in every chapter to help you put your best foot forward. It also provides links to useful and relevant internet resources through a dedicated web page.

becoming an international aid worker

If you would like to read more chapters from the book, Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker, visit ScienceDirect.

If you prefer to purchase a print or e-copy of the book, visit the Elsevier website. Apply discount code STC317 to receive up to 30% off and free global shipping.

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