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Autism Symptoms Exist but the Disorder Remains Elusive

By: , Posted on: April 23, 2014

9780124159617 (1)Rethinking AutismVariation and Complexity by Dr. Lynn Waterhouse reviews the scientific research on causes, symptomology, course, and treatment done to date, and draws the potentially shocking conclusion that “autism” does not exist as a single disorder.

“Autism Symptoms Exist but the Disorder Remains Elusive” is the the 8th, and last, chapter in this book. We invite you to read through the chapter below, and let us know what you think!

Dr. Waterhouse believes that only by ceasing to think of autism as a single disorder can we ever advance research to more accurately parse why these symptoms occur and what the different and varied causes may be. Do you want to read more? You can save 30% on this book by entering promo code STC3014 at checkout!


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Lynn WaterhouseAbout Lynn Waterhouse

Dr. Lynn Waterhouse was the Director of Child Behavior Study at The College of New Jersey for 31 years, and is currently a Professor in Global Graduate Programs at the College. NIMH, NICHD, and private funding agencies supported her autism research. She worked with Dr. Lorna Wing on the APA DSM-III-R diagnostic criteria for autism.


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