Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence: Computer Says YES (But Is it Right?)

Computers that learn for themselves are with us now. As they become more common in ‘high-stakes’ applications like... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Genetic Approach Could Help Identify Side-Effects at Early Stages of Drug Development

An approach that could reduce the chances of drugs failing during the later stages of clinical trials has... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Combating Cybercrime When There’s Plenty of Phish in the Sea

As more and more crime moves online, computer scientists, criminologists and legal academics have joined forces in Cambridge... Read more

Life Sciences

Opinion: There’s a Reason Why Africa’s Migratory Songbirds Sing Out of Season

Claire Spottiswoode (Department of Zoology) and Marjorie Sorensen (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) discuss why several species of migratory... Read more

Life Sciences

California’s Sudden Oak Death Epidemic Now ‘Unstoppable’ and New Epidemics Must be Managed Earlier

New research shows the sudden oak death epidemic in California cannot now be stopped, but that its tremendous... Read more

Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Monkeys Regulate Metabolism to Cope with Environment and Rigours of Mating Season

The flexible physiology of Barbary macaques in responding to extreme environmental conditions of their natural habitat may help... Read more

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Social Sciences

When Is a Book Not a Book?

The e-book has made continued inroads into the publishing world but the printed book has defied predictions of... Read more

Life Sciences

Fruit Fly Model of Deadly Brain Diseases Could Lead to Blood Test for vCJD

A new model of fatal brain diseases is being developed in the fruit fly by a team led... Read more

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