Neuroscience; Psychology

Reconditioning the Brain to Overcome Fear

Researchers have discovered a way to remove specific fears from the brain, using a combination of artificial intelligence... Read more


Larger Brain Size Linked to Longer Life in Deer

The size of a female animals’ brain may determine whether they live longer and have more healthy offspring,... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Just Your Cup of Tea: the History (and Health Claims) of the Nation’s Favorite Brew

How do you take your tea – with a drop of poisonous chemicals or a spoonful of sheep... Read more

Social Sciences

Pain in the Machine: a Cambridge Shorts Film

The pain we experience as humans has physical and emotional components. Could we develop a machine that feels... Read more

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence: Computer Says YES (But Is it Right?)

Computers that learn for themselves are with us now. As they become more common in ‘high-stakes’ applications like... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Genetic Approach Could Help Identify Side-Effects at Early Stages of Drug Development

An approach that could reduce the chances of drugs failing during the later stages of clinical trials has... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Combating Cybercrime When There’s Plenty of Phish in the Sea

As more and more crime moves online, computer scientists, criminologists and legal academics have joined forces in Cambridge... Read more

Life Sciences

Opinion: There’s a Reason Why Africa’s Migratory Songbirds Sing Out of Season

Claire Spottiswoode (Department of Zoology) and Marjorie Sorensen (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) discuss why several species of migratory... Read more

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