Earth & Environmental Science

First-Time Elsevier Editors Capture the Experience in a Series of Blog Posts

The publishing process can be daunting for authors and editors who have never been involved in the development... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Return of the Know-Nothings?

There have been a good number of articles about the implications of a Trump win for science, research... Read more


Music: Passions and Cognitive Functions

“Music is an enigma.” Why do we enjoy music? Why did this ability to enjoy sound appears in... Read more

Chemical Engineering; Chemistry

#RealTimeChem Blog Carnival: Round-Up Two

It’s been another great week for #RealTimeChem, particularly with this weekend’s #WhatsCooking! To wrap up the week, we... Read more


The Chemistry of November 5th Fireworks

Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the... Read more

Computer Security

Hacked by Your Fridge: the Internet of Things Could Spark a New Wave of Cyber Attacks

The past few weeks have seen a remarkable and somewhat alarming development in cyber security. It comes in... Read more

Materials Science

How Bridget Jones Boosted the Market for Big Underwear

We all giggled at the enormous underwear scene in the first Bridget Jones film, but despite these garments... Read more

Materials Science

An Introduction to Bioprinting

Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting or organ printing is a biomedical variant of additive manufacturing technology (Derby, 2012, Melchels et al.,... Read more

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