Chemical Engineering

The What of Plant Layout

One of the challenges of writing a book on plant layout turned out to be the many ways... Read more

Chemical Engineering

The Why, What, How and Who of Plant Layout

The Why Of Plant Layout A study by Kidam and Hurme (2012) showed that 79% of process plant... Read more

Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering of Christmas

So what did chemical engineering ever do for Christmas? The Institution of Chemical Engineers did a blog post... Read more

Chemical Engineering; Oil & Gas

No Fracking Clue!

Without coming down on one side or the other, I cannot be the only person with a technical... Read more

Chemical Engineering

The Lessons of Expert Witness Work

Much of my professional practice nowadays is as an expert witness in commercial disputes where there have been... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Return of the Know-Nothings?

There have been a good number of articles about the implications of a Trump win for science, research... Read more

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Chemical Engineering

How Can I Teach Process Plant Layout, and Why Should I?

I’m halfway through my final proofreading of what has become a thousand-page tome on process plant layout, based... Read more

Chemical Engineering

Social Mobility and Chemical Engineering

Social mobility has been in the news in the UK a few times recently with Theresa May’s plans... Read more

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