New Years Hug

It’s Christmas time and many of us take this opportunity to visit family, friends and old acquaintances. We... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management; Psychology

The Power of Intuition

In a previous post it was argued that intuition can be defined as the contribution of unconscious brain activities... Read more


Brain Behavior and Intuition

We see ourselves as conscious and rational beings knowing we do things. From brain research we have learned... Read more

Final Review

Protected: The Future of the Safety Profession

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more


Loss Aversion

We find it difficult to sell our house at a price lower than the original purchase price. The... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

The Complexity of Safety Targets

When we wish to achieve an aim, it helps to formulate a goal. By doing this, we focus... Read more

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Good Resolutions, Why So Few Succeed

It is an old tradition on New Year’s Eve. Sitting around the Christmas tree with friends and family,... Read more


The Complexity of Cultural Change, Pt. 2

This is the second blog post about changing collective behavior within an organization. The first blog post was... Read more

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