Computer Science

Perennial Data Problems

Spring is here, which for many of us means that perennial flowers are beginning to bloom. These flowers... Read more

Computer Science

Thoughts on EDW 2015 and CDO Vision

As usual, it felt like old home week at Enterprise Data World (EDW). This year it was in... Read more

Computer Science; Mathematics & Statistics

Increasing Project Success Through Data Quality and Governance

Historically, many projects concentrate their efforts on people, process, and technology. However, a vast number of projects still... Read more

Computer Science

Technology, Change, and Data Quality Fundamentals

Training sessions, public or in-house, provide opportunities to meet new colleagues, share ideas, and give all of us... Read more

Computer Science

International Data Quality Summit Comes to Virginia

Sometimes I sit back and think about how lucky I am. I love what I do, and I... Read more

Computer Science

The Small World of Data Quality

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “It’s a Small World” made famous by the Disney song... Read more

Computer Science

December Data Quality Seminar in London

As we approach the holiday season, I am increasingly excited for my upcoming data quality seminar and workshop... Read more

Computer Science

Reflecting on the IDQ 2013 Conference and Other DQ Resources

It was an exhilarating past week at the IDQ (Information and Data Quality) Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas—so... Read more

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