Computer Science; Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Choosing an Embedded Operating System

I was recently approached for help by a Mentor Graphics customer, who was planning a new project and... Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

USB – Class Drivers

I have frequently written about various aspects of USB and presented many seminar and conference sessions on the... Read more

Computer Science

Device Registers in C

Mentor Graphics has historically been dedicated to providing tools for electronic hardware designers and that still represents a... Read more

Computer Science

Share Code in Embedded Systems

A constant challenge I have found, when teaching or mentoring people, is to avoid making assumptions about what... Read more

Computer Science

C++ Reference Parameters: The Downside

Something that I have discovered over the years is a great pleasure. When I am giving information –... Read more

Computer Science

C++ For Loops

I am [mostly] a fan of using C++ for embedded applications. I believe its use needs care, but... Read more

Computer Science

Firmly In Line

A common compiler optimization is the inclusion of a function’s code at the location(s) from where the function... Read more

Computer Science

Go Forth!

I was writing recently about my fondness for RPN [Reverse Polish Notation] and this reminded me of a... Read more

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