Computer Science

C++ at Fault

I like being right. Who does not? I am also interested in programming languages. Part of their appeal... Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Embedded Linux – Why?

I have pondered for some time the appropriateness of Linux for embedded applications. My initial stance was clear... Read more

Computer Science

Function Parameters

When you use a function in C/C++ (or most other programming languages) you are likely to pass it... Read more

Computer Science

Why Write Code?

I have a very basic question for you: what do you do and why do you do it?... Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Electronics for the Sick

I have always found medical electronics interesting. Part of the reason for my interest stems from an occasional... Read more

Computer Science

When Compilers Do Magic

What is a compiler? Ask an average engineer and you will get an answer something like: “A software... Read more

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Computer Science

How Did I Get Into This?

I often get emails from students asking me how to get started in a career in embedded software.... Read more

Computer Science

Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP) vs. Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP)

It is becoming common for embedded designs to incorporate more than one CPU – maybe multiple cores on... Read more

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