Computer Science; Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Vintage Multi-core – the IPC

Last time, I wrote about a “multi-core” project that I was working on 30 years ago. To be... Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Vintage Multi-core – An Introduction

Sometimes I think that there is nothing truly new in the world. With technology, it is often a... Read more

Computer Science

What is “Real-Time” Computing?

The term “real time” is widely used nowadays. Although it is a technical term, it finds its way... Read more

Computer Science

Staying Inline

The idea of inlining code – placing the actual code of a small function at each call site... Read more

Computer Science

Thanks for the Memory

The computer world is often accused of being mired in jargon and I think that is a fair... Read more

Computer Science

Software Product Quality: Belief or Proof?

There are two aspects of any product that give me great pleasure: good design and quality of manufacture.... Read more

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Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Embedded Optimization: Small or Fast?

Life is often about compromise, but embedded developers really are not good at that. Code generation is a... Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

C, C++ and the Family Tree

I am interested in programming languages in general and particularly as they apply to embedded systems programming. The... Read more

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