Computer Science

Firmly In Line

A common compiler optimization is the inclusion of a function’s code at the location(s) from where the function... Read more

Computer Science

Go Forth!

I was writing recently about my fondness for RPN [Reverse Polish Notation] and this reminded me of a... Read more

Computer Science

RTOS Deployment

Since the earliest days of computers, they have been used for real time control applications. In the 1960s... Read more

Computer Science

The One Line RTOS

I like simple things. Excessive complexity tends to annoy me. When I first started working with computers, I... Read more

Computer Science

C++ at Fault

I like being right. Who does not? I am also interested in programming languages. Part of their appeal... Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Embedded Linux – Why?

I have pondered for some time the appropriateness of Linux for embedded applications. My initial stance was clear... Read more

Computer Science

Function Parameters

When you use a function in C/C++ (or most other programming languages) you are likely to pass it... Read more

Computer Science

Why Write Code?

I have a very basic question for you: what do you do and why do you do it?... Read more

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