Executive Functions in Health and Disease

Neuroscience used to be the monopoly of a few elite universities located in a handful of countries. Neuropsychology... Read more


Free Content from the New Reference Work: Learning and Memory, 2nd Edition

The long-anticipated revision of Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference  recently published, and it is the most authoritative... Read more

Neuroscience; Psychology

Free Access to Articles from the Reference Module in Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology

The Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology combines thousands of encyclopedic and comprehensive reference articles into one... Read more

Neuroscience; Psychology

Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference, 2nd Edition, Publishes!

Elsevier is pleased to announce that Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference, Second Edition, edited by John H.... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

Your Guide to Essential Psychology Books and Journals at APA2017

Are you attending the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC? If so, be... Read more

Economics & Finance

Visit the Elsevier Booth at the WEAI Conference in San Diego

Are you attending the Western Economic Association International 92nd Conference in San Diego June 27-29? If so, you’ll... Read more

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New Groundbreaking Research for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

June in Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and The Alzheimer’s Association has marked June 21, the summer solstice, as the... Read more

Social Sciences

Creating and Managing a Digital Library

This is the fourth volume in Elsevier’s Library Learning Trends series, free digital volumes to support and encourage... Read more

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