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Author Feature Friday: Art Bowker, Cybercrime Expert

By: , Posted on: October 11, 2013

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Introducing Art Bowker:

Art Bowker has over 27 years’ experience in law enforcement/corrections and is recognized as an expert in managing cyber-risk in offender populations. In addition to co-writing Investigating Internet Crimes, 1st Edition: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace, he is also the author of The Cybercrime Handbook for Community Corrections: Managing Offender Risk in the 21st Century.

You can learn more about Art, his work and books at his personal website You can also stay up-to-date on cyber-crime and cyber-security at his blog Investigating Internet Crimes.

Art is an avid twitter user, and can be followed at @Computerpo. Follow him for the latest cybercrime news, share his tweets and ask him your pressing questions relating to internet crime and cyber-security.

What’s Trending in Cybercrime:

Cybercriminals have known for years about Tor and how it can be used to fly under law enforcement’s radar. Bitcoins have helped make it a black market thoroughfare for drugs, guns, cybercrime tools, and other contraband. The recent Silk Road arrests represent that law enforcement has taken notice. However, Silk Road is not the only illicit online store front and more needs to be done. Currently, Art is studying law enforcement’s successes on these cases and will hopefully be pointing some investigative patterns in the near future.

Further Reading:

You can read more about bitcoins and the Silk Road in Art’s most recent SciTech Connect article: Policing the Silk Road: Is Law Enforcement Ready? and join in on the discussion!

If you liked that, then you’ll surely love Art’s book Investigating Internet Crimes, 1st Edition: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace, which is available for pre-order on the Elsevier store. Use discount code “STBCNF13” at checkoutand save 30% on your very own copy of this definitive and timely title!

Investigating Internet Crimes


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