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Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: Poppy Garraway

By: , Posted on: March 7, 2017

poppy garrawayPoppy Garraway
Associate Acquisitions Editor
S&T Books, Serials

Do you have prior publishing experience?

Yes, I have been working in academic publishing since I graduated in 2008. I’ve been lucky enough to work on many different types of product, including the manuscript development of large and important textbooks like Gray’s Anatomy, as well as medical books for students, multimedia projects and most recently on book serials. I’ve also been able to work across multiple lists right across scientific and medical publishing from tropical medicine, plastic surgery through to physics and chemistry.

What’s your history with Elsevier?

I originally started at Elsevier as an editorial assistant in the medical textbooks team. I’ve worked for the company for 9 years performing several different roles, before starting as associate acquisitions editor for the book series in 2014. I look after the chemistry, materials, engineering and physics book series.

What do you enjoy about signing in this area?

I love working with researchers who are publishing on such important topics and learning about advances happening right at the forefront of science. For me the most exciting part of the job is talking to researchers about what they are working on and what they hope that research might lead to. Working across chemistry, materials, engineering and physics gives me a unique insight into how science might solve some of the greatest problems facing today’s world.

Why should someone sign a book series with you?

I have a lot of experience in publishing, both in commissioning content, and manuscript development. My favorite part of my job is working with editors to achieve their original vision and to help them navigate the publishing process with ease. I am passionate about the place that book serials have within scientific publishing, and believe they have a lot to offer researchers, particularly those who are increasingly time poor.

Why do you love publishing?

I don’t have a scientific background myself (I studied history) and fell into my career in publishing. I’ve never looked back, and can honestly say that starting out in my career I never expected to find work so fulfilling or interesting. It’s extremely rewarding to work closely on books with my editors and see them published, and people use them.

Tell something personal about yourself

I am an avid reader, and run a book club in my local pub. I also travel frequently, both internationally and to beautiful spots at home in the UK. I love living in London, and all the excitement and culture that if offers.

Contact Info:

+44 (0)207 424 4234


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