The Gifted and the Talented – The Joys and Perils of Training Talent

Identifying and training talent are key ingredients in promoting and ensuring the advancement of all fields that rely... Read more

Communicating Climate Change: Focus on the Framing, Not Just the Facts

Humans are currently in a war against global warming. Or is it a race against global warming? Or... Read more

NASA Looks to the Future in Vision 2050 Workshop

There have been a number of exciting developments in Space Exploration and Planetary Science in recent years, including... Read more

Does a Person Have to Be Intelligent to Be Creative?

The question brings us back to the main problem identified in our previous blog on creativity, namely how... Read more

Do Twins Read Each Other’s Minds?

When it comes to identical twins, the most controversial and contentious topic of all has to be extrasensory... Read more

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We Taught Bees to Play Football So We Could Learn About Their Brains

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The Stress of Sitting In Traffic Can Lead to More Crime

New research has linked traffic to negative mental health outcomes and psychological states, including increased stress and aggression. Read more


Cuban Blindness: Diary of a Mysterious Neuropathy Epidemic

This book combines neuroscience and scientific discovery with political intrigue, finally bringing the reader to the unexpected solution provided by… Read more

Social Sciences

Do We Need Books?

Ioannis addresses fundamental issues about resourcing information, namely, whether we Google or go to a library, and what it means… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Engineering

Using Electricity, Not Molecules, to Switch Cells On and Off

Will your cellphone be able to communicate with bacteria in your body? We explore advances in microelectronics that can turn… Read more

Social Sciences

How Disaster Relief Efforts Could Be Improved with Game Theory

Researchers and policy experts have been looking at a novel way to improve how we respond to natural disasters: game… Read more

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New Book Series: Emerging Methodologies and Applications in Modelling, Identification and Control

For prospective authors interested in publishing in this new series, Emerging Methodologies and Applications in Modelling, please contact Series Editor… Read more

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Oak Barrels – A Pallet of Wine Flavors

Why are oak barrels the vessels of choice for wine storage? Wine Science expert, Ron Jackson, explains how white oak… Read more

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