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Chemical Engineering

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10 Reasons to Visit the Elsevier Booth at the ACS Annual Meeting in Denver

By: , Posted on: March 17, 2015


Come see us at booth #211 at ACS2015 in Denver! There are always reasons to drop by but here’s the top 10 to entice you:

  1. Chat with Elsevier editorial staff: John Fedor, Chemistry Publisher; Kostas Marinakis, Senior Acquisitions Editor in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and Katy Morrissey, Acquisitions Editor for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry will all be on hand during the exhibition to discuss your book ideas.
  2. We have special ribbons for our Elsevier authors! Contributor, editor or monograph author: proudly display your author status to the rest of the conference.
  3. Discover the reasons behind Elsevier author Donald Sparks has been awarded the Geochemistry Division, American Chemical Society medal.
  4. Find out about our new journal: Molecular Astrophysics and the fifth Ahmed Zewail Prize in Molecular Sciences.
  5. Keep an eye out for Elsevier authors. If they are on hand, maybe they’ll sign your book!
  6. Books are discounted up to 30% – We will ship them globally for FREE!
  7. Browse recently published and bestselling books such as Food, Energy , and Water: The Chemistry Connection by Satinder Ahuja and Recent Advances in Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass edited by Ashok Pandey et al.
  8. Show your poster to the world! Upload your poster to the Elsevier Poster in my Pocket app.
  9. Come and learn about our innovative and authoritative Reference Module in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering
  10. We are giving away a free book every day of the exhibition! – Just bring your business card to the table to join the draw.

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Chemical Engineering

Most of the major scientific challenges of the 21st century — including sustainable energy resources, water quality issues, and process efficiency in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries — revolve around chemical engineering. Elsevier’s broad content in this area examines topics such as bioprocessing, polymer nano-composites, biomass gasification and pyrolysis, computational fluid dynamics, industrial proteins, catalysis, and many others with great significance and applicability to researchers today. Our books, eBooks, and online tools provide foundational information to students, and cutting-edge coverage to advance corporate research and development. Learn more about our Chemical Engineering books here.