Can You Pass This Smell Test?

Each of our senses gives us a unique view of our world. Our visual system detects parts of... Read more

Executive Functions in Health and Disease

Neuroscience used to be the monopoly of a few elite universities located in a handful of countries. Neuropsychology... Read more

Tracing the Sources of Today’s Russian Cyberthreat

Beyond carrying all of our phone, text and internet communications, cyberspace is an active battleground, with cybercriminals, government... Read more

How Safe Is Chicken Imported From China? 5 Questions Answered

Editor’s note: Under a trade deal concluded in May, China has begun exporting chicken to the United States.... Read more

The Psychology of the Car

Perhaps a book on the “psychology of the car” demands a positioning of the author. As probably most... Read more

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Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing

"Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing" serves engineers and researchers engaged in advanced and innovative manufacturing techniques. Read more


Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: Fiona Geraghty

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Can You Pass This Smell Test?

How well do you know your chemical senses? Answer these true-or-false questions below to see if you pass the smell… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

‘Gluten-Free Water’ Shows Absurdity of trend in Labeling What’s Absent

Thirsty? How about a refreshing "gluten-free", GMO-free and 100% organic bottle of water? Sounds absurd, but this is the direction… Read more

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Mechanics of Flow-Induced Sound and Vibration, Volume 2

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Artificial Intelligence Cyber Attacks Are Coming – But What Does That Mean?

The next major cyberattack could involve artificial intelligence systems. It could even happen soon: At a recent cybersecurity... Read more

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