Artificial Wombs and Spider Silk Hearts! Sci-Fi Biotech is Here

Artificial womb to serve as a surrogate mother, a heart made of spider silk protein, a nose “growing”... Read more

New Gene Therapy Gives Hope To People Born With Inherited Eye Disorder

The first successful gene therapy for an inherited form of blindness was recently reviewedby an expert panel of advisers... Read more

The Chemistry of Broccoli

Broccoli, like other green vegetables, gets greener when you start cooking it. Why is this, and why does... Read more

Genetically Modified Chickens Lay Cancer-Fighting Eggs

Researchers from Japan have bred genetically engineered chickens that lay eggs carrying interferon beta, a protein known to fight... Read more

The Man Who Tried to Read All the Books in the World

One man’s quest to create a library of everything, 500 years before Google Books was conceived, foreshadowed the... Read more

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Alternative & Renewable Energy

Subsidizing Coal and Nuclear Power Could Drive Customers off the Grid

Researchers have found that within a few years, a majority of single-family owner-occupied households could afford the necessary generating systems… Read more

Computer Science

Who Needs a Web Server?

Author of Embedded SystemsL the Work, Colin Walls, breaks down the workings of a web server and HTTP servers -… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Jacqueline Marcus – Author and Expert Extraordinaire

Congratulations to author Jacqueline B. Marcus, recipient of the Medallion Award. Learn more about her work in this free chapter… Read more

Oil & Gas

Intelligent Digital Oil and Gas Fields

In this short video our authors introduce and talk about the ideas behind "Intelligent Digital Oil and Gas Fields". Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Materials Science

Artificial Wombs and Spider Silk Hearts! Sci-Fi Biotech is Here

Learn how breakthroughs in biological 3D printing and advances in artificial wombs are bringing us one step closer to "sci-fi"… Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

The Citizen Science Revolution and Artificial Intelligence

We discuss how AI is revolutionizing citizen science and conversely how, citizen science is revolutionizing how the general public contributes… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Food Science & Nutrition; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sugar In The Diet May Increase Risks Of Opioid Addiction

Could a diet high in refined sugars make children and adults more susceptible to opioid addiction and overdose?... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Why (ex)Hurricane Ophelia Took a Wrong Turn Towards Ireland and Britain – and Carried all that Dust

Hurricane Ophelia, by then downgraded to Storm Ophelia, reached Ireland on Monday October 16. At the time of... Read more

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