Radiation Combined with Immune-Stimulating Drugs Could Pack a Powerful Punch Against Cancer Cells

In his final State of the Union address, President Obama tasked Vice President Joe Biden with leading a... Read more

20 Years in the Making, Great Bear Agreement Protects World’s Largest Temperate Rainforest

The landmark deal between 27 First Nations, environmentalists, forest industry, and government preserves 85 percent of old-growth in... Read more

What Counts as ‘Medical Marijuana’ Varies from State to State – and that’s a Problem

On April 17, Pennsylvania became the latest state to pass medical marijuana legislation, which will take effect this... Read more

Does Social Media Help the Goverment-Citizen Relationship? Depends Who You Ask

Depending where you live, maybe you follow your local transportation department on Twitter for construction updates. Or maybe... Read more

Britain Is Sending a Huge Nuclear Waste Consignment to America – Why?

A very unusual exchange is about to take place over the Atlantic. The UK is sending some 700kg... Read more

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Earth & Environmental Science

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Oil & Gas

A Tale of Two Oil and Gas Boomtowns – A Boost to the Economy, A Trick Landing

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The Lost Art of Process Plant Layout

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Radiation Combined with Immune-Stimulating Drugs Could Pack a Powerful Punch Against Cancer Cells

In combination therapy, radiation could be paired with immunotherapy to pack a one-two punch against cancer cells. Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Going Veggie Would Cut Global Food Emissions by Two Thirds and Save Millions of Lives

According to this WHO study, a global shift to a completely vegetarian diet would have a value to society of… Read more

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