The Chemistry of Mangoes: What Do They Have in Common with Poison Ivy?

The mango is a classic summer fruit, but for some it can bring out a rash when they... Read more

Could Too Much Sitting Be Bad for Our Brains?

In many aspects of life where we need to use our brain power, we also tend to sit... Read more

How to Cure an Autistic Disorder

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How Can Stem Cells Repair the Damaged Nervous System?

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Want a Satisfying Relationship? Don’t Present Yourself as a Sex Object

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“Everything in moderation.” It’s a common justification made for behaviors that may fall outside the realm of healthy.... Read more

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Henry David Thoreau’s Views of 19th-Century Media Resonate Today

The world knows Henry David Thoreau as a writer whose perspectives on nature and society remain relevant today.... Read more

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Why the creators of ‘13 Reasons Why’ Should Pay Attention to the Spike in Suicide-Related Google Searches

Does it matter that people seem to have become more interested in suicide – expressing more suicidal thoughts,... Read more

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The Missing Elements in the Debate About Affirmative Action and Asian-American Students

Media reports have stated that the Justice Department under President Donald Trump is planning to investigate a complaint of... Read more

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Rural America: Where Sam Shepard’s Roots Ran Deepest

When Sam Shepard died on July 27 the world lost one of the greatest playwrights of the past half-century. He... Read more


Neuromuscular Disorders in Children

Neuromuscular disorders are a diverse group of conditions that affect one in 2000 children worldwide. We now know... Read more

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Big Data at UPS – Interview with Jack Levis

In August, Prof Zicari had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Levis, Senior Director, Industrial Engineering at UPS. Jack... Read more

Computer Science; Computer Security

Internet of Things: Safety, Security and Privacy. Interview with Vint G. Cerf

Recently, Prof Zicari had the pleasure of interviewing Vinton G. Cerf, widely known as one of the “Fathers... Read more

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