Locavore or Vegetarian? What’s the Best Way to Reduce Climate Impact of Food?

This year’s Thanksgiving feast falls only a few days before the start of the global climate summit in... Read more

Combating Cybercrime When There’s Plenty of Phish in the Sea

As more and more crime moves online, computer scientists, criminologists and legal academics have joined forces in Cambridge... Read more

Top Five Questions Left-Handers Ask, #4: Will Switching Writing Hands Mess Up My Brain

Recently I gave a talk titled The Mystery of Left-Handedness at Lifeworks an organization in Erie, PA that promotes life-long... Read more

Should We Be Taxing Sugar?

We´re witnessing the biggest obesity epidemic ever recorded in history. The occurrence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other... Read more

How Music Helps Resolve Our Deepest Inner Conflicts

Billions of people enjoy music; many feel that they can’t live without it. Why? It’s a question that... Read more

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Life Sciences

Leading African Academics Quiz Bill Gates on HIV/AIDS and the Role of Philanthropy

Bill Gates answers questions from several African academics about HIV/AIDS on the continent and whats on the horizon for treating… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

How Trump’s Deportation Plan Threatens America’s Food and Wine Supply

This election season may have driven many of us to drink, but if Trump’s deportation plan comes to fruition, you… Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

New Synthesis Technique Leads to Over 300 Candidate Antibiotics

Using this technique, the team has already developed over 300 macrolides as candidate antibiotics for pharmaceutical development. Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Africa’s Agriculture Projects Are Growing Inequality, Not Food

African governments and NGOs have embraced “farmer-to-farmer” extension approaches. But how effective has this approach been? Read more

Forensic Sciences

Identification of Criminals Based on Bacteria and Skin Chemicals

In a recent study, scientists used mass spectrometry to investigate the skin chemistry left behind on objects handled by people… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Saturated Fats Make Some Cells Lose Track of Time – and That’s Bad

Not only can saturated fat actually cause “jet lag” in the internal circadian clocks in some types of cells in… Read more

Oil & Gas

Post-Publication Author Questionnaire with Pramod Thakur

We sit down with Pramod Thakur, author of Advanced Reservoir and Production Engineering for Coal Bed Methane to discuss his… Read more

Social Sciences

Top Five Questions Left-Handers Ask, #5: Are Left-Handers Better at Sports?

In this final post on Top Five Questions Left-Handers Ask, laterality expert Clare Porac addresses whether left-handers are better at… Read more

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