Our ‘Selfish’ Genes Contain the Seeds of Our Destruction – But There Might Be a Fix

The human race is in so much trouble that it needs to colonise another planet within 100 years... Read more

Infecting Mosquitoes with Bacteria So They Can’t Infect Us with Viruses Like Zika and Dengue

Mosquitoes and their itchy bites are more than just an annoyance. They transmit dangerous viruses with deadly consequences... Read more

Why Emojis – πŸ‘«πŸ£πŸ’πŸŽ­ – Might Be Your Next Password

Would you rather unlock your smartphone with a plain four-digit PIN or with a smiley-face emoji? Would it... Read more

Military-Funded Prosthetic Technologies Benefit More than Just Veterans

In 1905, an Ohio farmer survived a railroad accident that cost him both of his legs. Two years... Read more

The Chemistry of Nail Polish – Polymers, Plasticisers and Pigments

Painting your nails with nail polish might not seem like a particularly complex chemical process, but there’s much... Read more

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Saving Javan Rhinos from Extinction Starts with Counting Them – And It’s Not Easy

Scientists and the Indonesian government are forming a plan to rescue the Javan Rhino from extinction - by doing a… Read more

Computer Security

The Long History, and Short Future, of the Password

The password has a long history in security. Yet with the emergence of biometrics, it seems unlikely that password security… Read more


How Do the Chemicals in Sunscreen Protect Our Skin from Damage?

We explore the chemistry behind sunscreen and explain how SPF sunscreens protects your skin from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Read more

Social Sciences

Tweeting Seductively: Maximizing the Social Influence of Twitter Messages

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Diagnosing Diseases with Novel Nanoparticles

In this Chemunicate graphic, we take a look at how nanoparticles can be used to detect diseases, and how scientists… Read more

Life Sciences

HIV/AIDS Funding Is an Investment Worth Protecting

Hopefully lawmakers will continue to see that HIV/AIDS funding is an investment worth protecting – and then defend it at… Read more

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Materials Science

Modeling Steel and Composite Structures

The main objective of this publication is to describe, with the aid of a series of examples, the methods and… Read more

Life Sciences

New Moroccan Fossils Suggest Humans Lived and Evolved Across Africa 100,000 Years Earlier than We Thought

New research suggest that Homo sapiens spread across the entire African continent more than 100,000 years earlier than previously thought. Read more

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